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Top Influencers in Healthcare

Oct 28, 2015

Popularity of influencers

Consumers value information from influencers who they trust over information directly from brands themselves. This is true in the Healthcare industry particularly because rising costs, inadequate standards and multiple products to choose from are leaving consumers confused. Influencers help consumers find clarity and consumers value their advice. Today, Traackr brings to you the Top Influencers in Healthcare.

How do influencers engage?

One popular way for these influencers to engage with their followers as well as each other is via Twitter Chats. Twitter chats have gained popularity over the last couple of years and are great for influencers to lead conversations and collaborate with others in their space. Some popular healthcare chats are #hcsm, #healthcarechat, #MDchat, etc. As brands begin to engage with the influencers, they are able to be involved in conversations that are important to their audience.

Who are top influencers?

In the Healthcare industry top influencers include health bloggers, news reporters, cancer survivors, writers, insurance analysts, etc. These top influencers take to social media platforms and blogs to write about generic topics such as developments in healthcare and health insurance schemes, as well as very specific topics such as diabetes treatments and lung cancer.

Hence, bringing influencers into the mix and engaging them, helps brands get connected with their audience. 

Let’s find out who the Top Influencers in Healthcare are, based on the following keywords: healthcare delivery, healthcare insurance, healthcare patient care, public health information.

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

Health Economist, Advisor, Trend Weaver/THINK-Health, Health Populi blog, HealthcareDIY, THINK-Health

Health Populi was founded by Jane Sarasohn-Kahn of THINK-Health to dive into a key health issue of the day for health citizens. She's also @healthythinker.

Joe Goldeen

Reporter, San Joaquin Media Group

Reporter for The Record @recordnet covering #Stockton #Manteca #Lodi #Lathrop #Tracy #Ripon #Escalon #Woodbridge #Linden #Thornton #Lockeford #health #crime

Scott Rupp

Partner, millerrupp

Award-winning health IT blog, offering insights about healthcare technology and the people making IT possible. #HIT99

Michael Coston

Editor, Avian Flu Diary

Retired EMT-II, Blogging on Emerging Infectious Diseases, Pandemic Influenza, and Personal and Community Preparedness 

Michael Essany

Vice President, Indiana Grain Company, LLC

Television host, producer, and bestselling author

John Irvine

Executive Editor, THCB

Executive Editor THCB, Screenwriter, Foodist, Runner/Swimmer/Kayaker

Stephanie Baum

Digital Health Editor, MedCity News

Digital Health Editor for MedCity News

Luisa Beltran

Blogger, peHUB, a unit of Thomson Reuters

Philanthropist, champion tap dancer, vampire slayer and amateur sleuth. Oh and I cover deals and private equity for peHUB. All opinions are my own.

Iris Dorbian

Contributor/Blogger , Buyouts Insider, a UCG company

Former Group Editor of Media Industry Newsletter (min), PR News and min's b2b. Managed, moderated and recruited speakers to monthly webinars for PR News and sister brands. Also, wrote content for special awards issue and recruited speakers for event sessions (and wrote copy for it). Wrote weekly Eye on Advertising column for min's b2b and monthly Eye on Advertising column for min. Author of "Great Producers: Visionaries of the American Theater" (Allworth Press), which was released in August 2008.

Chuck Webster

President, EHR Workflow Inc.

Daily EHR & HeaIth IT workflow news! DC-based evangelist 4 gr8 healthcare workflow #BPM HIMSS Social Media Ambassador #POWHIT Peeps & Orgs fixing Workflow w/HIT


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