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Top 12 Festival of Marketing Sessions

Nov 5, 2015

Traackr is very excited to be part of the Festival of Marketing, organised by Econsultancyand that will be held on 11th and 12th November at Tobacco Dock in London.

As the number one marketing event in the UK, Festival of Marketing gathers over 3,000 decision makers around headliners such as entrepreneur Alan Sugar, former astronaut and ISS commander Chris Hadfield, Social Activist Monica Lewinsky and financial services heavyweight Anthony Thomson, and over 160 hours of content across 12 stages.

With such an amazing line up and huge amount of content planned, we have made a tough call and selected our Top 12 not to be missed sessions. These are the sessions and speakers we are the most eager to hear from and which we believe will provide great insight into the future of marketing.

1. Introducing the World to Doctor Who

Wednesday 11th November at 10:45 on the Content stage

Acting Chief Brands Officer at BBC Worldwide, Julia Kenyon will take us through the Doctor Who’s case study that promises to be an entertaining insight into how TV and marketing can come together to ‘keep the show and brand fresh, and remain relevant to each new generation’. More specifically, Julia will focus on:

  • Exploring the power that great stories have in building direct and meaningful relationships with audiences – Examining the challenges of successfully introducing character regeneration to a global audience – the move from Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi
  • Creating experiences that emotionally connected with Doctor Who fans, and creating unique stories that these fans could internalize and make their own but also want to share + spread around the community
  • Outlining the role of social media for Doctor Who: The World Tour, resulting in over a million views on YouTube from over 200 territories, 130m impressions on Facebook, and 4,000 pieces published in just two weeks
Social Media for Doctor Who

2. Measuring the Value of Content – Is It Worth the Investment?

Wednesday 11th November at 12:45 on the Content stage

Everybody is saying that content is king but in an overloaded world of information and data, what makes content valuable? This panel gathering Helen Warren-Piper, Marketing Director Grocery at Premier Foods, Mark Adams, SVP Innovation at Vice Media, Matt Shaw, Network Editor for the very successful Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube and Simon Michaelides, Marketing Director at UKTV should be pretty interesting:

  • Discussing what you should track and how
  • Is successful content marketing more akin to sponsorship, in that the win comes from associating with a great consumer experience, as opposed to the explicit communication of any advertising messages?
  • Examining differences by content type and device
  • Exploring the importance of starting with the end in mind – using content as a sales tool, for product positioning or providing entertainment
Chef Jamie Oliver's Food Tube: A Recipe for YouTube Success

3. Leveraging the Power of Storytelling in B2B to Connect Your Brand to Customers and Drive ROI

Wednesday 11th November at 13:45 on the B2B stage

We’re now in an age where people want engaging, emotional stories, and it doesn’t matter if it’s B2C or B2B – Eva Barrett, Global Head of Brand Marketing Communications at Philips

With a strategy that saw the brand reaching out to its array of business units, across over 160 countries, in search of employees’ “authentic stories” showing how Philips is improving people’s lives, we can not wait to hear more from Eva Barrett and Wander Bruijel, Head of Brand, Communications and Digital for Philips UK & Ireland about:

  • Creating resonance with buyers and prospects to move away from mechanical
  • Finding your brand voice to showcase brand values to capture prospects at the top of the sales funnel
  • Connecting customer-centricity to your marketing narrative – Rational vs emotional – which buyer side should you appeal to?
  • Learnings from Philips’ award winning storytelling: Innovation and You

4. Exploring New Frontiers in Experiential and Physical Marketing

Wednesday 11th November at 13:45 on the Multichannel stage

With three brands that have be hugely successful at integrating experiential and physical marketing, this planel gathering David Scott, Director of Brands & Insight at Carlsberg UK,Florence Howell, Marketing Manager, Magnum, Cornetto & Wall’s Kids Ice Cream at Unilever and Paul Samuels, Executive Vice President at AEG is a great addition to Festival of Marketing! Together, they will aim at:

  • Examining which experiential and physical marketing campaigns stand out against the competition
  • Defining the key to creating unmissable but short-lived experiences
  • Redefining commercial opportunities for experiential marketing
  • Discussing how you measure the ROI of experiential and physical marketing

5. Not Your Average Influencer

Wednesday 11th November at 14:45 on the Social stage

Fashion & Beauty industry has been one of the first to embrace influencer marketing. We are excited for the conversation between Katharine Plunkett, Managing Director at Centaur Marketing and Sarah Penny, Editor at Fashion and Beauty Monitor that will cover:

  • Finding and retaining influencers who deliver the right value for your brand image, your audience and your objectives can be a challenging process. What are the essential requirements on a marketer’s wish list when it comes to influencer marketing planning?
  • How can marketers work smarter when it comes to engaging with influencers?
  • Examining market tools and why data mining isn’t always right in influencer marketing
  • Fashion and Beauty Monitor discusses the key challenges in influencer marketing for 2016

6. How Do You Get Generation Tinder to Swipe Right? How Real are Our Brand Relationships?

Wednesday 11th November at 14:45 on the Insight stage

With HeyHuman’s research showing that while some brands benefit from loyal consumer sentiment, more and more people admit to having “flings” with other brands, we can’t wait to hear more from the creative agency’s Managing Partner Neil Davidson:

  • Relationships between people and brands are changing
  • HeyHuman’s research into 14 new brand relationships has uncovered the rise of a new mind-set in ‘Generation Tinder’
  • Are love and loyalty dead?
  • The opportunity for “human brands” is to behave differently and capitalise on these new relationships – maximising fleeting connections and giving people the relationships they want to have with brands, not the relationships that brands want to have with people

7. Disrupting Luxury Through Influencer Marketing

Wednesday 11th November at 15:45 on the Social Stage

Nicolas Chabot, Vice President EMEA of Traackr and Gianluca Maina, Global Marketing and Communications Director of high luxury brand De GRISOGONO will take over the Social Stage for a fascinating session on the rise of influence and how De GRISOGONO created a digital brand through influencer relationships. More specifically, they will discuss:

  • The dilemma faced by the modern CMO in today’s digital world
  • The rise of online influence and relationships to create long term brand value
  • The practical example of high luxury brand De GRISOGONO’s influence strategy for Cannes Film Festival 2015
  • Influencer Marketing keys to success: from planning to identification and from engagement to measurement
How De Grisogono maximized social media impact

8. Why Every Brand Needs Personalisation: Lessons from a Luxury Car Brand

Thursday 12th November at 10:45 on the Personalisation stage

Because we fell in love with this iconic luxury brand since we watched our first James Bond film as kids, we are looking forward to this talk where Simon Sproule, Director of Marketing and Communications at Aston Martin Lagonda will discuss:

  • In an age of one-click-to-buy why personalization is more important than ever
  • Why luxury is no longer just about the object
  • Customers want relationships with brands that engage them with the company
Lessons from Aston Martin on personalisation

9. ABSOLUT AUDACITY: How Dangerous Content Reached an Audience Wise to Every Trick in The Book

Thursday 12th November at 11:45 on the Brand & Creative stage

No doubt Absolut Vodka is a forward thinking brand that has interacted with the creative and cultural sectors for many years now creating inspirational content and experiences that their audiences love. It will be a treat to hear Adam Boita, Head of Marketing at Pernod Ricard and Paul Bennun, Chief Creative Officer at content company Somethin’ Else share:

  • How super-serving audiences is key to reaching hard-to-reach customers
  • Hear how to blend digital experiences with real-world experiences to create the ultimate interactive story
  • Understand how to build brand value through interactive storytelling
  • How to collaborate to drive innovation
  • Understand how to creative cross-platform engagement that builds a brand
  • How to create authentic collaboration to build your brand

10. Net-a-Porter Case Study: The Net Set and How to Disrupt Yourself

Thursday 12th November at 12:45 on the Social stage

With over 4 million followers across its social channels and even taking a stab this year at creating the world’s first shoppable social network, we all have a lot to learn from leading luxury e-tailer NET-A-PORTER when speaking social and e-commerce. Sarah Watson, Senior Vice President Social Commerce will tackle some challenging topics:

  • Shopping goes social: Catering to the customer’s mindset rather than trying to change it
  • Closing the loop between browsing and buying
  • The three pronged approach; blending social, commerce and content
Net-a-Porter Case Study: The Net Set and How to Disrupt Yourself

11. Multichannel Trends From Around the World

Thursday 12th November at 13:45 on the Multichannel stage

For a bit of a bigger picture and further trend insights from around the world, we recommend this session from Jim Clark, Research Director at Econsultancy that will investigate:

  • New ideas and approaches from some of the world’s most innovative companies
  • How organisations are using multichannel to surprise, delight and build loyalty
  • Exploring strategies that put consumers at the heart of multichannel

12. Scalable, Relevant and Fast Content: What Do Adidas, Oasis and Miss Selfridge Know That You Don’t Know

Thursday 12th November at 13:45 on the Content stage

Jose de Cabo, Co-Founder of the Visual Commerce & Marketing Olapic will take the center stage and has invited Michael Jedamski, Manager Digital Products & Services at forward-thinking brand Adidas and Tina Cramp, Ecommerce Manager at Oasis Fashion to discuss:

  • Placing the three content pillars into perspective
  • Data and insights on the rise of earned content
  • Distributing earned content across multi-channel marketing to drive conversion and increase ROI
  • Panel discussion with Adidas, Oasis and Miss Selfridge on current and future strategies for leveraging earned content across the business

Voila, these are our Top 12 not to be missed sessions at Festival of Marketing 2015! Which one are yours? Comment and share using the Festival’s hashtag #FoM15