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The Top 10 Sessions at Festival of Marketing 2016

Sep 29, 2016

For the second year, Traackr will be part of the Festival of Marketing, organised by Econsultancy on the 5th and 6th October at Tobacco Dock in London. With a theme centered around “Icons and Influence”, the event’s line-up will be showcasing the best of today’s marketing as well as the future of marketing.

This year, the number one marketing event in the UK will gather over 3,000 inspirational business leaders around headliners such as Apple’s icon and philanthropist Steve Wozniak and WPP’s CEO Sir Martin Sorrell, on 12 different stages, with more than 200 speakers and over 150 hours of content.

With so much content on offer, which session should you attend? This is our selection of the Top 10 not- to-be-missed sessions, with insights from speakers we are very much looking forward to hearing from.

Wednesday October 5th

1. Unilever: The biggest digital start-up on the planet? Selling soup and soap in a start-up world
9:15 | Headliner 

We can learn a lot from startups. Even more so when you are a large, global structure such as Unilever. Keith Weed, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Unilever, will explain how the company embraces digital transformation and learns how to think differently by working with startups.

This will definitely be an exciting session, as we will be able to put our view to Keith and exchange freely with him!

2. How to build an owned media empire with epic content marketing
10:15 | B2B Stage

So, how do you figure out what your awesome content marketing project should be about? For me, it’s a combination of inspiration, creativity, and owning a conversation. What big conversations are my prospects and customers a part of? How competitive are those conversations? Can I disrupt that space and/or dominate it?” - Jason Miller, Group Manager, Content Marketing and Social Media, LinkedIn - (source: Salesforce, May 2016)

Global content marketing leader at LinkedIn by day, and rock ‘n’ roll photographer by night, Jason Miller is going to take us on a rock ‘n’ roll fuelled journey to help us understand how to build a world class global content marketing engine.

Don’t miss his insights about crucial issues such as amplification of brand awareness, lead generation, creation of compelling content, and always-on approaches to be implemented by marketing teams!

3. Content marketing strategy for the B2B business: A guide in 10 easy steps
13:55 | B2B Stage

Is B2C ahead of B2B in its use of content marketing? That’s not what Giuseppe Caltabiano, VP Marketing Integration, Content, Social Media & PR Strategy at Schneider Electric, believes. In his company, he managed to increase effectiveness of the B2B Enterprise Marketing thanks to content.

More specifically, he will discuss how to transform your marketing strategy and modernise it. He will explain critical themes such as content listening, content mapping, and how to elaborate a content editorial board to be placed at the core of your content transformation.

4. Why social media should be an integral part of your digital transformation
14:45 | Digital Transformation Stage

Tom Benton will share his experience as Head of Digital at Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition UK, where he leads a team of 12 across all business departments developing the engagement strategy for Consumers, Healthcare professionals, business stakeholders, and potential employees, as well as the digital transformation projects.

The case study seems captivating: we will learn about the role of social in Danone’s digital transformation, which was a critical tool in their reputation management. We will also discover how Danone struggled - and sometimes failed - in working toward a 20 minute response time on social. Interestingly, Tom will explain how the firm uses customer insight to clarify areas for investment and justify spend on digital transformation.

5. What content marketers can learn from philosophy
16:00 | Content Stage

Brands allow qualities and ideas to multiply powerfully across the world.” - Alain de Botton, “Brands can be a means of spreading genius or idiocy”, Marketing Week, Mar 2016

•In this talk, philosopher and best-selling writer Alain de Botton will share his thoughts on what content marketers can gain from philosophy, psychology, and culture.

So now, step back and listen to the expert. He will consider the main aims of marketing and juxtapose them with the emotional and societal aims of philosophy. He will also discuss the search for meaning, and its relevance to both disciplines •and identify the specific ways in which philosophy can help to answer questions about how to engage consumers.

A very unique session of a rare intellectual quality!

Thursday October 6th

6. Don’t just use social media, be social, and your campaign will build itself
10:15 | Influencer Stage

In order to be social, you have to give people something they truly value. If you do, they will want to seek it out and share it with others.” - Huib Van Bockel, The Social Brand: Transform your brand to win in the social era, 2014.

Author of The Social Brand, considered by many as ‘the new marketing manifesto of today’s social era’, Huib Van Bockel has an outstanding background. Indeed he held leading roles at Unilever, MTV, and Red Bull and is the founder of TENZING, a 100% natural energising drink.

He will share his invaluable and successful experience in traditional and new social media, in an era of a constantly evolving media landscape. How can you inspire, engage and provide content your consumers really want and build a genuine relationship? Huib will show that creating experiences to be shared is key to success in this matter.

7. The disruption of the beauty industry through influencers
11:30 | Social Stage

This year, Nicolas Chabot, Traackr’s Senior Vice President EMEA, will share the stage with Hugh Pile, Chief Marketing Officer Western Europe at L’Oréal, to provide compelling insights on how influencer marketing disrupted the beauty industry.

The influencer landscape in the sector has evolved dramatically. How is it shaping content and distribution? Nicolas and Hugh will point out the key opportunities for brands looking to address their audience.

The session will also include fascinating insights from global make-up and beauty group, L'Oréal, where teams are disrupting their approaches to delivering success for their brands.

8. How Thomson Reuters turned marketing ROI from a black hole to a hole in one
12:20 | B2B Stage

Measuring success is a key challenge for the modern marketer. We have a lot to learn from Antonia Wade, Chief Marketing Officer Europe at Thomson Reuters, who contributed to overhauling the perception of marketing ROI in her company.

As a matter of fact, she is an expert in using digital channels to provide leads rich in information for sales reps and in improving the processes of lead hand off between marketing and sales. All you need to change your marketing strategy and to elevate the perception of marketing within your organisation!

9. adidas' dark social squads: The new influencer marketing?
14:45 | Social Stage

How can hyper-local comms impact a brand’s fortunes on a global scale? We recommend the session of Florian Alt, Senior Director Global Brand Communications at adidas, expert in using personalised approaches to build meaningful relationships and advocacy on dark social. He will tackle the following questions:

  • Why is a 16 year old with 300 followers as important as a 26 year old with 3 million?
  • Why should all content be shot in landscape?
  • What's the fastest way to meet Lionel Messi? And what’s a Tango Squad?!

10. “Grab life by the felt tip” how Ribena invited influencers to a colouring café to create meaningful interactions with a new target audience
16:00 | Influencer Stage

Emmeline Purcell, Senior Brand Manager at Ribena, will offer an in-depth case study as to how you can change your strategy to attract a whole new target audience.

What are the challenges and benefits of incorporating influencers into marketing campaigns? How to identify which influencer suits your brand and each other? How can you create content that people want to be part of, using technology and human creativity? These are the essential questions Emmeline will address during her talk.

So these were our Top 10 not-to-be-missed sessions! Meet us at Festival of Marketing 2016, and in the meantime, share your thoughts on the sessions you don’t want to miss; comment and share using the Festival’s hashtag #FoM16.


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