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Top 10 Marketing Podcasts of 2020

Feb 11, 2020

As podcasts continue to grow in popularity and numbers, they are proving to be an entertaining option for professional development. Like many other marketers, I am aware of how quickly things change in the industry and therefore dedicate time to staying up-to-date on trending skills, strategies and technology. Although I also subscribe to some great email newsletters and other modes of learning, I have found that my hour long morning commute lends itself quite well to plugging into podcasts.  

This article pulls together a diverse list of the top marketing podcasts. It includes some that I listen to on a regular basis, some that I have listened to a few times and enjoyed, and some that I other marketers have told me aboutI understand that marketers have a wide range of job titles, interests and commute times, and I tried to reflect that in my choices. Enjoy!

My top 5 marketing podcasts of 2020: The First Podcasts I Click On

  • The Fast Traack
  • Inbound Success Podcast
  • Digital Marketing Podcast
  • Building a StoryBrand with Donald Miller
  • Design Better Podcast

Gone, but not Forgotten:

  • Seeking Wisdom
  • Marketing Swipe File

Other marketing podcasts to try:

  • The Story Behind the Brand
  • Content Lab 
  • Marketing School - Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips

My top 5 marketing podcasts of 2020: 

The First Podcasts I Click On:

The Fast Traack

Traackr's newly created influencer marketing podcast, The Fast Traack, is already making a name for itself as an important marketing resource in the influencer marketing space. I will admit that I am obviously biased in loving this podcast...however the premium guest list and timely, critical topics discussed here legitimately make this a must-have in your marketing podcast rotation - especially for those in the influencer or social media marketing space. Hosts Evy Lyons and Mackenzie Newcomb's guests include digital marketing experts like, Lauren Thermos (Revlon), Rachel Clay (Matter of Form), Scarlette Tidy (launched campaigns for OLEHENRIKSEN and Fenty Beauty), and Bailey DuMont (Ancient Nutrition). Episode topics include: how to create an ambassador programs, how influencer business models are changing, and questions surrounding how your brand can tactfully weather COVID-19.

Standout episode: What is the value of an ambassador program?, May 28, 2020

Average episode time: Around 30 minutes

Inbound Success Podcast 

Every Monday, Kathleen Booth of IMPACT conducts insightful interviews with successful inbound marketers. Both Kathleen and her guests are well prepared as they take deep dives into various areas of inbound marketing. The topics are relevant and the discussions include new ideas, specific details, and actionable insights to bring back to your team. At the end of every episode Kathleen asks her guests “who is doing marketing really well,” and “how do you stay up to date with the latest marketing trends?” It is particularly powerful to hear where some of the best marketers are taking their cues from and how they are educating themselves. Some of the guests include, Oli Gardner (Co-Founder of Unbounce), Justin Keller (VP of Marketing at Sigstr), and David Hooker (Head of Creative Services at Prezi).

Standout episode: 69: How the Daily Carnage Grew Subscribers by 36x in 18 Months Ft. Mark Rogers, December 17, 2018

Average episode time: Around 40 minutes

Digital Marketing Podcast

Daniel Rowles, CEO of Target Internet, and marketing specialist and trainer, Ciaran Rogers have their finger on the pulse of the most applicable topics in marketing. These diverse and interesting topics include conversations about branding, content, influencer marketing, SEO, social media and more, as well as covering the latest trends and tools in the industry. This range of technical and nuanced marketing discussions are enhanced by the talented guests they interview, including professors, marketers, CEO’s, authors and more. 

Standout episode: Heartificial Empathy, July 6, 2019

Average episode time: About 30 minutes

Building a StoryBrand with Donald Miller

Donald Miller is the founder of StoryBrand, a company that teaches marketers and small business owners how to find, clarify and communicate the unique stories of their brand. On his podcast, Don has engaging conversations with his co-host, JJ Peterson, as well as with leaders like Blake Mycoskie (Founder of TOMS), best-selling author Seth Godin, Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton, and Chris Anderson (CEO of TED). This podcast has helped me improve my website design, copywriting, and branding skills, as well as tap into human-centered marketing tactics. 

Standout episode: Chris Anderson - 6 Ways to Make your Next Speech Absolutely Unforgettable, June 5, 2017

Average episode time: Around 40 minutes

Design Better Podcast

This well-produced podcast by Invision is a space where hosts Aarron Walter and Eli Wollery conduct in-depth interviews with leading design experts. In my experience as a marketer, although I don’t need to be an expert in every diverse area that intersects with marketing, understanding the basics of topics like design, project management, UX, branding, etc. allows me to do my job better. Each episode teaches listeners important product design lessons that focus around collaboration, human-centered design, and designing at scale as a company grows. You will hear from top-notch guests like, Diana Mounter (GitHub), Margaret Gould Stewart (Facebook), Dan Winger (LEGO), Alex Schleifer (Airbnb), and many more. 

Standout episode: #005: Alex Schleifer: a mission to belong anywhere, August 20, 2017

Average episode time: Around 40 minutes

Gone, but not forgotten:

The only reason these two podcasts are not at the top of my list is because sadly, both shows have stopped producing new episodes as of 2019. That being said, these podcasts are packed full of advice and discussions that have changed my career. I would highly recommend listening to both of them. 

Seeking Wisdom

Although this podcast appears to no longer be producing new episodes, Seeking Wisdom is a game changer. The hosts, David Cancel and Dave Gerhardt of Drift discuss a range of topics such as sales, marketing, product, and growth. The episodes are brimming with energy, discussing refreshingly authentic topics around professional development, mentorship, and leadership. They talk to their listeners as holistic people, with career goals and children, not just as a marketer in a bubble. Bonus: This podcast is also a gold mine for creating an exceptional reading list that will help you lift yourself into a whole other category of marketing.

Standout Episodes: #141: Lever’s CEO on the 3 Key Elements to Hiring for Hypergrowth Jan 7, 2019

#138 The 3 Types of Role Models Everyone Needs In Their Career

#133: How to Run the Most Effective 1:1 Meetings of Your Career

Average episode time: Varies from 15 min to 40 min

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Marketing Swipe File

As many great marketers do, when host David Gerhardt finds a great piece of marketing, he puts it in his “swipe file,” to learn from and inspire other brilliant ideas. This podcast creates an opportunity to hear exclusive conversations with top-tier CMO’s, allowing listeners to boost their own swipe file. These candid interviews are packed with real, tactical information you can use in your job. You’ll hear from people like: Leela Srinivasan (CMO of SurveyMonkey), Elle Woulfe, (VP of Marketing at PathFactory), Billy Gene Shaw (CEO of Billy Gene Is Marketing), and Barney Waters (President of K-Swiss).

Here is a little 5 minute preview to tell you more about it. 

Standout Episodes: The Three Paths To Becoming a CMO with Heather Zynczak (CMO at Pluralsight), April 23, 2019

Puting the Revenue in Marketing with Elle Woulfe (VP of Marketing at PathFactory), July 9, 2019

The Missing ingredient in Your B2B Copywriting, August 13, 2019 

Average episode time: All over the place. Some are 10 minutes, and some are 50 minutes -- take your pick!

Other marketing podcasts to try:

  • The Story Behind the Brand
  • Content Lab 
  • Marketing School - Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips

These podcasts are a great way to spark new ideas, learn about the latest trends and understand how to grow your career. There are many great marketing podcasts out there, and although I am sure there are some fantastic shows that I have not discovered yet, this list is a great place to start.

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