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Top Influencers in Finance

Jul 21, 2015

Who are my influencers? How can they help me amplify my message?

These are common questions among those taking the plunge into influence(r) marketing. As I said in my previous post, influencers have the ability to help brands connect with their audience. In your content marketing strategies, they can help you create compelling content, and deliver it to the right people. Content marketing goes hand in hand with influencer strategy, as explained by Hubspot and Traackr in our new guide.

While influencer strategy for content marketing sounds fabulous, the finance industry in particular presents a challenge for content marketers.  In most cases, the industry is highly regulated, and the sales process can be complex. But according to research, the financial industry is seeing an increasing level of demand for online engagement.

How can influencers help in this heavily regulated environment, where compliance is key?

Here’s what John Sweeney, VP at Fidelity Investments is doing

Fidelity listens to what’s trending among their influencers to adapt their content strategy. Paying attention to trending content helps them identify what their audience wants to learn about.

Fidelity then works with influential bloggers, such as The Centsible Life, to create content that is valuable to customers.

Tweet by Kelly Whalen

What Fidelity does well, is find the right influencers to tell a compelling story and differentiate their content offering. Through their content marketing and influencer strategies, they are able to work with what they can say, rather than what they can’t.

The first step to building influencer strategies is discovering your influencers.

We found the first 10 influencers in finance using Traackr’s free Top 10 Influencers Report:

Katin Price Mueller

Ian Lyall

Michael Shedlock

Ginger Dean

Ashley Hill

Paul Hoskin

Kris Miller

Iris Dorbian

Luisa Beltran

Ewen Chiaa