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The Top 20 Marketing Influencers in LATAM

August 18, 2016

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In 2015, social media usage in Latin America (LATAM) countries far surpassed that of the United States. While 23% of U.S. adults were active on Twitter, an impressive 57% of Latin American adults have interacted with the social network. Latin America is a “mobile first” region with the fourth-largest mobile market in the world.

Latin America is Mobile (and Social) First

Due to this region’s mobile adoption and social media usage, marketers in LATAM are turning towards influencers to engage their audiences and drive impact for their brands. (Traackr has recently expanded coverage to many Latin American countries in response to this trend.)

If you frequently read this blog then the names Lee Odden, Joe Pulizzi and Mark Schaefer are probably all too familiar. These are some of the top marketing influencers paving the way in content marketing, SEO, and influencer marketing best practices. Although these are familiar names to North American marketers, who holds the attention of Latin American marketers?

The Top 20 Marketing Influencers in Latin America

We wanted to find the influencers who are setting trends and impacting modern marketers in Latin America, a region with 640 million customers. These influencers help guide brands to successfully gain consumer attention via social media and drive ROI. Here are the top 20 marketing influencers in the Latin American countries of Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia.

  1. Patricia Behisa, Directora y Estratega Digital y Social Media Marketing, Mexico
  2. Mauricio Sevilla Britto, Founder, ConfiguroWeb, Colombia
  3. Alejandro Pinto, Mentor de Emprendimiento, Colombia
  4. Juan Carlos Mejía Ll, Consultor y conferencista en Marketing Digital, Colobmia
  5. Enrique Gómez, Bucaink, Director de Marca y Relaciones publicas, Mexico
  6. Henrique Teixeira Da Costa, Co-founder, Just Ride Along, Brazil
  7. Paulo Del Picchia, Marketing Consultant, Brazil
  8. Ricardo Villanueva Rios, Social Media Consultant, Mexico
  9. Cassio Politi, Diretor de content marketing, Tracto, Brazil
  10. Alejandro Armenta Rosas, Social Media Strategist, Mexico
  11. Agnes Pires, Coordenadora Geral, GogoJob, Brazil
  12. Gerardo Andrés Arcos Celis, CEO, Kooking, Colombia
  13. Debora Saldanha, Marketing B2B, Alpar do Brasil, Brazil
  14. Luana Cavalcanti, Digital marketing manager specializing in UX, Brazil
  15. Marcela Mexia, Director, Adirektiva Advanced Marketing, Mexico
  16. Gustavo Trujillo, Gerente Social Media Service, AT&T Mexico, Mexico
  17. Carlos Cortés, Director, Creativos Colombianos, Colobmia
  18. Victor Alvarado, CMO, Federacion Mexicana de Futbol Asociación A.C., Mexico
  19. Abraham Geifman, Head of Digital Marketing for Latinamerica, SAP, Mexico
  20. Bruna Infurna, Head of Education & Industry - Marketing Solutions Sr.AE, LinkedIn, Brazil

These leading voices in Latin America are innovators in the marketing space. Make sure to follow them to stay up-to-date with marketing practices in LATAM. We created this list using the Traackr platform, and the ranking is scored based on the influencer’s relevance to influencer marketing, content marketing, and social media strategy. To learn more about the Traackr platform and scoring algorithm, let us know. If you are a marketer in one of these countries and want to scale your influencer marketing, we are always here to help.

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