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The Fast Traack Podcast: What does the data tell us about influencer marketing in quarantine?

Apr 10, 2020

Welcome back to The Fast Traack! In Episode 3, we speak to Holly Jackson, Director of Global Services at Traackr and our resident data-nerd. This episode is hosted by Mackenzie Newcomb, the Influencer Marketing and Social Media Manager at Traackr, micro influencer and book club president. 

In this episode of The Fast Traack podcast, we posed the question: What does Traackr data tell us about influencer marketing during quarantine?? 

  • What are some early insights we’ve noticed about the state of influencer marketing?
  • Are influencers sharing information or educating people on the virus? 
  • What kind of beauty content are we seeing now vs a year ago?
  • What “new normal” topics are we seeing an uptick of conversations about? 
  • Is Beauty doing well? What other industries are thriving?

Don’t have time to listen? Here is our main takeaway; social media usage is on the rise. Right now, your brand still has the ability to reach potential customers, they are receptive to hearing from you. Beauty brands that can adapt to the “new normal” will not only survive, but they will thrive during and after quarantine. 

See the full presentation below: