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The 19 Influencers You Need To Know Before Attending #CMWorld

Aug 30, 2017

2017 is set to be an unprecedented year for influencer marketing.

Beyond its surge in popularity, the practice will be featured front and center at the hallmark event for content creators everywhere: Content Marketing World (CMWorld), happening next week in Cleveland, OH. For the first time ever, influencer marketing will have its own content track focused on building, scaling, and measuring global programs.

Without a doubt, attending this track will give savvy content marketers an edge in their strategies. But to really make the most of this event, it’s important to understand the dynamics of the CMWorld community and the landscape of influencers at the conference.   

That’s why I sought to find the top 19 influencers at CMWorld and truly uncover the ones leading conversations both on and offline. These influencers are paving the way by establishing best practices and partnering with top brands to execute successful strategies.

Since influence is more complicated than a list alone, I analyzed an influencer’s expertise to determine who is truly engaging with their audience. To do this, I built a project in Traackr with all of the CMWorld speakers, then leveraged the platform to provide you with insights around the following topics:

  • Video Content
  • Content Marketing
  • B2B Marketing
  • Demand Generation
  • B2C Marketing
  • Email & Conversion
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Agency
  • ROI & Measurement
  • Social Media
  • Marketing Technology
  • Native Ads
  • Analytics & Data
  • Search

Meet the Most Engaging Conversation Leaders

Traackr makes it easy to quickly see who has had the most engaging post around key content marketing conversations over the past 90 days. Curated from the tracks happening at CMWorld, these topics highlight the influencers who generate engagement when mentioning these keywords.

Below you can see the Share-of-Influence report which displays the Share-of-Voice (mentions) on the left and Share-of-Engagement on the right.

Video Content - Casey Neistat

As displayed above on the right, video is by far the most engaging content. While video content accounts for 9% of total mentions, it generates a whopping 94% of engagement. If you are looking to boost engagement with content (which you likely are), video content is the way to go. Among the speakers at CMWorld, Casey Neistat has the most engaging video content. Interestingly enough, his top performing video was organic non-sponsored content for Lufthansa and generated 184,136 engagements.

Content Marketing - Pam Didner

Over the past 90 days, Pam Didner has mentioned content marketing 300 times generating an average of 15.5 engagements per post for a total 4,640 engagements across social channels.

B2B Marketing - Pam Didner

Pam Didner also leads the B2B marketing conversation with her Instagram engagements. Of the 10k mentions of B2B marketing over the past 90 days, Pam dominates the leaderboard and has the top 20 most engaging posts on the topic, all from her Instagram.

Demand Generation - Juntae DeLane

Dominating the lead and demand generation conversation with 183 mentions and 654 engagements is Juntae DeLane. To learn more about Juantae’s #leadgen tips, you won’t want to miss his 8 Steps for Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation.

B2C Marketing - Ann Handley

Although Ann Handley only mentioned B2C marketing 6 times in the past 90 days, she was still able to generate the most engagement around the topic with an average 41.2 engagements per post.

Email & Conversion - Michael Brenner

Mentioning email and marketing automation keywords 80 times, Michael Brenner was able to generate 546 engagements around the topic. Learn to avoid killing creativity with automation in this post from Marketing Insider Group.

Influencer Marketing - Aaron Orendorff

Receiving 4,241 engagements across 108 influencer marketing mentions, Aaron Orendorff leads the online conversation around influencer marketing. Largely due to his Mashable post, A visual journey through the evolution of the influencer, Aaron created 3,749 engagements on Facebook alone.

Agency - Karl Sakas

Karl Sakas leads the agency conversation with 173 mentions and 216 engagements across social channels. Karl of Sakas & Company provides fast growing digital agencies with the support they need to grow.  

ROI & Measurement - Jay Baer

Jay Baer had mentioned ROI 26 times for 377 total engagements over the past 90 days. As many brands struggle to see ROI on Facebook, Convince & Convert has some optimization tips that might help.

Social Media - Aaron Orendorff

Aaron Orendorff also has the most social media keyword mentions among CMWorld speakers, with 62 mentions and 3,498 engagements. His article How to bring humanity and tech together: Innovators and advocates on hope for the future which mentions social media accounts for a large amount of these engagements.

Marketing Technology - Donna Moritz

With 353 #martech related mentions and 1,198 engagements, Donna Moritz leads the tools and platforms conversations online. Check out her list of 9 Live-Saving Tools that could save your business.

Native Ads - Melanie Deziel

As a Native Ad Consultant, it only makes sense that Melanie Deziel is the most engaging influencer in the space. With 156 mentions and 310 engagements, Melanie provides brands with advice including 23 Predictions for Native Ads.

Analytics & Data - Adam Singer

Leading the online analytics conversation is Adam Singer, a Googler and analytics advocate who has mentioned #analytics keywords 144 times and generated 974 engagements. If you are ready to step up your analytics game, be sure to check out Adam’s session at CMWorld, Reporting, Google Data Studio and Data Visualization for Marketers.

Search - Andy Crestodina

Andy Crestodina leads the SEO and SEM conversation with 206 mentions and 969 engagements. His most engaging post features ideal lengths for tweets, posts, subject lines, and podcasts.

Top Influencer Marketing Thought Leaders at #CMWorld

Using influencer marketing keywords to determine relevance, I was able to quickly rank the list of CMWorld speakers in Traackr to see who is mentioning influencer marketing keywords in their content and posts the most. The top five ‘influencer marketing influencers’ speaking at CMWorld are:

  1. Lee Odden
  2. Juntae DeLane
  3. Gini Dietrich
  4. Aaron Orendorff
  5. Mark Schaefer

See you at CMWorld

If you’re attending CMWorld in Cleveland this year, we would love to meet you and learn more about your influencer strategies. You won’t want to miss the first-ever influencer marketing track comprised of four sessions that will prepare you to tackle any influencer related hurdle. Traackr’s CEO, Pierre-Loic Assayag will be joined on stage by Traackr customers Capital One, HPE, Text100, and Social Tribe to discuss the trials and tribulations of their influencer journeys.