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Step Up Your Practice of Influencer Marketing with the New Traackr

Apr 2, 2014

This week, we released a new version of Traackr’s influencer marketing platform that is not only a significant feature release for us, but also a milestone in our category.

Traackr has always been at the center of influencer marketing. We are the technology that made it possible for our customers to scale their practice of influencer marketing and define best practices. This new version of Traackr places our technology in lockstep with these best practices and will help turn them into industry standards. It is one more step towards our ongoing goal to help modern marketers create and sustain relationships with the people who matter most to their businesses. Here is how:

Discover relevant influencers

Beyond Discovery

Discovering relevant influencers is only one aspect of a marketer’s ‘influencer journey’. Traackr’s new release transcends our discovery capability. In addition to searching the web, our users can now focus their search queries on their own influencer databases. This empowers marketers to gain deeper insights on their existing network and hone in quickly on those people most relevant to their current projects. We have also expanded the ability to filter search results and achieve even more precise and actionable influencer data.

Beyond Projects

As our customers’ practices of influencer marketing have matured and spread throughout different parts of their organizations, they need to go beyond a project-centric, short-term approach. They need to build and manage impactful relationships with influencers on an ongoing, long-term basis. They need a place where they can manage all of their most important contacts & discover new ones; a tool where they can create & sustain relationships with influencers by interacting with their content, staying on top of engagement opportunities & measuring the success of their efforts. They need a marketing CRM; and the new Traackr is exactly this.

Beyond Influence

Most importantly, this new version of Traackr broadens our definition of what constitutes an influencer, which has moved beyond the science of reach, resonance, and relevance, to mean ‘someone who matters to your business’. You still have an unmatched ability to find new influencers through Traackr, but now you can add your own people to your Traackr account. We’ll track their performance and contribution, and we’ll give you an enhanced ability to search, filter, and most importantly, develop meaningful relationships with them that will yield tangible results for your company.

Kudos to the whole Traackr team for making this happen. For those of you who already are Traackr users, we look forward to your thoughts and feedback! If you’re new to Traackr and would like to see these new features in action, reach out for a personalized demo. And as usual, stay tuned for a lot more to come…