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[Video] How Orange France Engaged Influencers to Launch its IoT Service

Apr 27, 2016

Launching a new product in a different sector than your core business is one of the top challenges for businesses.

At the end of 2014, Orange, a French global player in the telecommunications industry, launched Homelive, a solution that enables its customers to manage connected objects in their homes by using their smartphones. With this new solution, Orange entered a completely new market for the brand, the connected home.

For this new product launch, Orange aimed to generate brand awareness and recognition within targeted communities, create demand in the world of the connected home, and establish the new solution's credibility within this new sector.

In order to achieve its business objectives for the Homelive launch, Orange partnered with Traackr to develop a communication strategy driven by influencer marketing. To learn more about the results of this customer success story, check out the feature in Computer Weekly and watch the video below, featuring Philippe Duhot, Brand Content & Digital Manager at Orange France.

If you are interested knowing how Orange France measures and executes its influencer strategy internally, you can also read our recent interview

See English Transcript below:

Traackr helps us greatly because it saves us a huge amount of time. Firstly, the tool is a very simple and easy-to-use platform, which is a big advantage compared to other much more complicated tools.  

Additionally it enables us to find and identify influencers-- but more importantly the right influencers. Based on the keywords entered into the search function, we can source the right profiles we are looking for and even find URLs to their content.  

Then, there is of course some work to be done to dig deeper into the profiles so we can better understand who that person is and their own audiences.  

The other Traackr feature that is essential to us is the analytics section, which enables us to manage and monitor the results of our activation by community and by activity. It gives us immediate aggregated results that provide real-time visibility on the performance of an operation, and also allows us to go into the details of each post, each publication generated, etc.From identifying and managing influencers to measuring impact and collecting data, Traackr enables essential analysis and insights. This helps us at every stage of the process.