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Navigating the Marketing Technology Landscape

Nov 18, 2014

As Traackr becomes a fixture in a variety of enterprise organizations, we see a pattern emerging within the marketing technology landscape. Marketing leaders are faced with tough decisions on where to invest in the digital space, and more often than not there are multiple marketing technology tools necessary within an organization, making these decisions even more confusing. The world of the modern CMO...

Though our product is still being utilized by most Integrated Marketing Agencies and PR firms, Traackr’s fastest growing category of customers is enterprise brands, like Philips, adopting the tool as part of large scale transformation of their overall marketing functions.

Long is gone the illusion of running these ambitious programs on a single tool that does it all. By now, all savvy marketers have realized the need and importance of “pick the right stack”, the set of technologies that will best support their digital initiatives.

As a provider of marketing technology, we have a vested interest in helping CMOs and Marketing Ops make sense of the landscape of marketing tech. We decided to share here the categories, players, and process we’ve observed successful Traackr customers follow to select their suite of tools. This is by no means intended to be an exhaustive list of tools, but it should offer marketers a good framework to kick off their process and make sure they pick wisely.

Marketing Tech Stack of the modern CMO: Top tools in the marketing technology landscape

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Update: We received comments to add a few categories in our analysis. We've written a follow up post for accurate representation of Attribution and A/B Testing in the Marketing Tech landscape.