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How to Write a Standout Resume for Influencer Marketing Jobs

Jul 25, 2022

Whether you’re looking to make a career change into influencer marketing or level-up from your current position, it’s always good to give your resume a touch-up before applying to your next role. 

Here's a guide that will help prepare you for your next influencer marketing job interview.

Top 5 influencer marketing skills to include in your resume

  1. Strategic Thinking: As an influencer marketing program manager, you’ll be responsible for creating and executing strategy. This includes laying out the goals, workflows, and metrics for your program while also creating a clear outline of how it impacts larger business goals. Make sure to include statistics on the impact, efficiency, and cost of previous campaigns and note where you’ve implemented learnings into your campaigns. 
  1. Project Management: A high level of organization and diligence is required to execute a campaign from start to finish. As an influencer marketing manager, you need to understand how the entire process functions from finding high-performing influencers to handling contracts and making negotiations to reporting results. Include projects that you’ve managed from start to finish and worked cross-functionally with other marketing team members. Bonus points if you can illustrate how a process or technology that you implemented saved time (and money)!
  1. Relationship Building: Building and maintaining healthy relationships with influencers sets you up for long-term success. Highlight how and when you’ve fostered deep influencer partnerships. It’s also helpful to mention how many influencers you’ve worked with in the past to signal to employers that you can handle building a large group of partners. 
  1. Data-Analysis: Being “data-obsessed” or “data-focused” is necessary when finding influencers, reporting campaign results, and optimizing future initiatives. Share examples of how you have used data to find successful influencers, track results, and improve on future partnerships and campaigns. However, remember that influencer marketing is a balance of art and science. Make sure to highlight both your analytical and creative skills!\
  1. Social Media: As a manager, you’ll need to have your finger on the pulse of what is occurring in the social media and influencer marketing landscape, so you can bring fresh, new ideas to your initiatives. Having a researcher’s mentality that is always wanting to improve and learn will catch the eye of the employer you’re trying to work for. 

Elements of an outstanding influencer marketing resume

Including these skills in your resume is step one. Step two is building a resume that will persuade a hiring manager to schedule an interview with you. 

Halie Soprano, Traackr’s Senior Influencer Marketing Consultant who has built successful influencer marketing programs for Beekman 1802, Under Armor, and Wedding Wire, provided her top 5 tips to make your resume stand out from the pile.  

1. Highlight strong, relatable experience

Show the key results you produced in previous roles and exemplify how you have been successful at demonstrating the skills the company has listed in their job description. Note: If you had a job in an unrelated field with no translatable skills, feel free to leave it out and focus on making your related experience as robust as possible. 

Start building (or tweaking) your resume by looking through the job description for which you’re applying. Note how your specific skills and experience map back to what the company is looking for and tweak your resume accordingly. 

2. Attention to detail with no grammatical errors or typos

As someone who may be creating influencer briefs or reviewing contracts, your resume is a first look at how closely you pay attention to details – if you have grammatical errors, will a brand really trust you to write a brief?

3. Show you’ve done your research

Just as you wouldn’t want to get on a call with an influencer and not have done your homework about who they are, the same goes for a company. Understand the brand’s mission, vision, and values, and do a thorough sweep of their socials to understand their current strategy. Use this information to speak to what they are currently doing well and where you could add value. 

4. Don’t rinse and repeat the same exact resume/cover letter for every brand you apply to

Specifically, when it comes to the cover letter, you want to use this real estate for your personal “elevator pitch” to the brand. If you have the same cookie-cutter cover letter for every brand, you lose an opportunity to set yourself apart. Make sure to tailor your introduction to the brand or role. This signals to the hiring manager that you are personable and shows you know how to build relationships

5. Highlight any programs or certifications within influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is constantly evolving, so it is important to show that you’re truly passionate about the industry by continuing to grow your knowledge and expertise.

Resources to help you prepare for your influencer marketing job interview 

Now that steps one and two have been completed. It’s time to move on to step three - preparing for your interview! Use these resources to get a deeper understanding of the current state of influencer marketing. 

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