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How Luxury Brands Leverage Influencer Marketing

Sep 30, 2015

De GRISOGONO were early adopters of social marketing because events have always played an important role in the brand’s marketing strategy. Social marketing represents very specific and highly important social moments for this high luxury brand. Discover how luxury brands leverage influencer marketing to optimise their event investment and to drive in store sales.

De GRISOGONO maximised their return on the Cannes Film Festival 2015 through exclusive live opportunities and reached millions of aficionados across the globe through a clever mix of content, data and influencer marketing. How did they achieve this with a limited social media budget? Click here to download the full case study.

At Traackr’s London conference, Minter Dial (President & Founder of The Myndset Company) discussed some key points with De GRISOGONO’s Global Marketing & Communications Director and Global Social Media Manager, Gianluca Maina and Violetta Gruosi together with Henri d'Anterroches, Digital Strategy Consultant and MD, PlurisMedias.

According to Gianluca, the slow uptake of social media by luxury brands is due to their need for exclusivity. As everybody turned to social and started to take pictures in stores to share with their friends, the move was slowly imposed on luxury brands.

It was natural adoption for De GRISOGONO, as their were already an organically social brand. In person events that used to involve only small groups suddenly grew bigger and generated much more impact. De GRISOGONO, without 100 years of tradition, was lighter and able to move fast, which made the decision to embrace social easy to make.

In terms of exclusivity and privacy, De GRISOGONO highlighted their key challenges as a niche luxury brand:

  • Replicate unique and intimate experiences on social media, through influencer marketing
  • Choose the right people to associate the brand with, as it is not a number game but crucially important to find the right influencers to be involved
  • Listen and get to know the selected influencers extremely well from understanding their audience, interests, objectives and who influences them

The team emphasised that listening before engaging was the key for their successful influencer marketing. As a social brand with a younger heritage, they are able to engage in a way other brand could not.

We’re a very small brand but with events and Traackr we’ve managed to come to the front

Since De GRISOGONO got onto social media combining events and influence strategies, the brand’s media coverage has exploded. Download the De GRISOGONO Case Study to learn more!