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Anna Kai and Ava Lee’s Top 3 Tips For Content Creators

May 10, 2024

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a breakout session at Traackr’s IMPACT NYC event with the incredibly talented and inspiring creators Ava Lee (@glowwithava) and Anna Kai (@maybeboth). 

During the discussion, Ava and Anna shared the ins and outs of how they built their massive social media following and personal brands. Here are a few key highlights from our conversation that really stuck with me and can be applied to your journey of becoming a content creator. 

Anna Kai and Ava Lee’s Top 3 Tips for Content Creators

Content Creator Tip #1: Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.  

For creators, it’s important to bring on people who will help you grow your business and help you land more dream brand partnerships

Both Anna and Ava say that it's okay to not like or not know how to do things such as your accounting or business operations. Focus on your strengths (like content creation) and what you’re passionate about. Then you can hire the right people to support you in the other areas of building your brand. 

“You can’t create great content when you’re bogged down with mountains of admin work. Hire people smarter than you to do the things you don’t enjoy, but always make sure to understand how the ecosystem works, even if you’re not in the weeds of everything.” - Ava Lee (@glowwithava), Creator, CEO and Founder of byAVA

Freeing up more time and brain space can inspire great long-term partnerships

Also, becoming a content creator can at times be a lonely job. It’s important to meet up with other creators, when possible, and build your community of creators who are smarter than you. 

Content Creator #2: Support and knowledge share with your creator community

 "Candles don't lose their flame by sharing their light." - Anna Kai, Content Creator (@maybeboth

This may very well be my new favorite mantra because you don't lose anything from uplifting others.

While influencer marketing might still feel like the “wild, wild west,” it’s matured enough for marketers and creators alike to create a career out of it. It’s time to embrace the mentality of learning from one another versus gatekeeping information. 

Some of the best advice Anna and Ava shared during their session included, 

  • Working with brands is a lot like dating. Would you jump head-first into a relationship without knowing the person first? No! The same rule applies to brand partnerships. Try a brand’s products first. Then mention them organically and see where the relationship goes. 
  • Consistency is key! Speaking of mentioning brands organically, only organically mentioning a brand once or twice will likely not get you on a brand’s radar. It’s important to consistently mention and tag brands you truly want to work with. Anna remarks that tagging a brand consistently for a year is not that long when you think about the long-term trajectory of your career.  
  • Trust your instincts. Whether it's signing a contract or bringing on a new talent manager, trust your gut. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and understand your vision. Know your worth and know when to walk away. 
“When it comes to finding a talent manager, if you find yourself trying really hard to win them over it’s not the right fit.” -  Anna Kai, Content Creator (@maybeboth

Whether it’s through speaking at a conference or talking over coffee, share your own experiences (the good and the bad) with others and strive to be a mentor to those around you. You won't regret the feeling of helping to light someone else's flame. 

Content Creator Tip #3: Timing and fit is everything

The creator industry is booming, and many creators are starting to branch out and build new businesses and revenue streams like Ava starting her skincare brand, ByAva, and Anna launching her soon-to-be-released podcast. 

If you’re a creator who is serious about taking your brand to the next level, Ava and Anna mention how important it is to ensure your feet are under you. Prioritize getting the right systems and teams in place, so you can take the plunge when you feel the alignment is on point. 

But how do you know when it’s the right time to take the big leap? Listen to your audience. 

Ava shared that when building ByAva, she carefully listened to her community and understood what their wants and needs were before even designing products. By listening to her audience, she identified a gap in the market that has fueled her vision for the company. 

This logic also applies to brand partnerships. Both Ava and Anna have turned down dream brand partnerships because it wasn’t the right time or not the right fit. They both agree that it is more important to prioritize your values and community than always saying yes. If it’s meant to be, it will happen. Just make sure to always be respectful in order to keep the door open for the future. 

It might not make sense at the moment, but trust your gut that the right time will come for the right opportunity. 

Good products take time to make, quality podcasts take time to plan, and the right activations take time to execute.


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