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8 Fashion Influencers to Follow

Mar 10, 2023

8 Fashion Influencers to Follow

February brought us many amazing fashion shows and looks, so let’s keep the inspiration going! Below 8 rising fashion influencers that you should know about (and what makes them so great).

Hegia Hutaries De Boer @heyhegia

  • Mid-tier: 265K followers 

About: With a very aesthetic and elegant style, fashion influencer Hegia De Boer is rising as an Instagram star. Not only has she seen a rise in followers over the past six months, the engagement rate from her audience has also increased - an indication that her content resonates well. Giving off a magazine type of vibe, her account is meant to inspire. Her posts revolve around elegant pictures and videos of her in fancy locations, focusing on the aesthetic and glamours of Parisian life. With an amazing engaged audience rate, the majority of her audience is located in Russia, followed closely by South Korea, the United State and France.

Tamara Kalinic @tamara

  • Top tier: 1.4M followers 

About: Tamara is a British (born Bosnian) lifestyle and fashion influencer, known for empowering thousands of women thanks to her self-confidence and sophisticated fashion style. Founder of the famous blog “Glam & Glitter”, she ranked in the 2019 Top 100 influencers list of The Sunday Times in the UK. As an established figure in the fashion industry, she had the opportunity to collaborate with big brands such as Ricagno, Fendi or Gucci. She also has been featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan and Grazia. With a loyal audience, her engagement rate is steadily increasing. Interestingly, the majority of the audience is made up of folks between 30 and 34 years old. 

Kim-Marie Menz @kimiperi

  • Mid-tier: 353K followers 

About: White or purple hair, black leather, platform boots and colorful make-up, that is the go-to style of German fashion influencer Kim Menz. With a style caught between alternative fashion and witchy outfits, she claims to find inspiration in Japanese culture and enjoys creating different characters with each new outfit. This is somewhat in line with the rise in “soft goth” glam that we’ve seen in the beauty industry - an indication that fashion and beauty are often tightly aligned. Her unique fashion style allowed her to collaborate with various brands like Blxck Tokyo and Long Clothing but also Lush or even Nintendo. Targeting mostly young women, her audience has been growing over the last few months especially on her Instagram account.

Nickelson Wooster @nickwooster

  • Top tier: 1.05M followers 

About: Fashion has no age and it’s what Nickelson Wooster is ready to prove! This 62 years old fashion influencer is well known for his streetwear style and has already designed a few clothes collections for Hamilton 1883 in 2012, Lardini in 2014 and the Japanese brand United Arrows in 2015. His followers are mostly composed of males located in the United States but surprisingly, also in South Korea, Italy and Japan. Both his audience and his engagement rate are growing steadily over the last couple of months.

Nicole Herring @nlhfit

  • Top tier: 1.98M followers 

About: Nicole Herring is a fashion influencer and a curvy model promoting body positivity and self-confidence. Her content focuses on showing different outfits and trying various trendy or viral clothes seen on social media. After going to the gym and recently gaining weight, Nicole declares that she's the most confident she's ever been, now having a curvier figure, inspiring thousands of people to feel more confident in their own body. Her audience, which has been growing over the last few months as well as her engagement rate, has the particularity of reaching a broad generation range from teens to people in their 30’s.

Alexandra Pereira Romero @alexandrapereira

  • Top tier: 3.53M followers 

About: Founder of the blog “Lovely Pepa”, Alexandra is known for her classy but casual looks, using affordable pieces from brands such as Zara. The Spanish fashion influencer also created her own fashion line “Lovely Pepa Collection” after the success of her blog, and is the author of two fashion books. She collaborated with iconic fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton or Dolce&Gabbana. Her audience keeps growing and her engagement rate is increasing steadily, reaching a very good rate on TikTok and Youtube.

Yolanda Espericueta @yolandainthecity

  • Mid-tier: 521K followers 

About: Yolanda is a Californian digital content creator and fashion influencer, mostly active on Tik Tok. She addresses different topics on her social media such as body positivity and self love, specifically for what she calls “small chest and skinny girls”. Fashion, sewing crafts and haircare can also be found on her social thread. Well known for her thrifting vlogs but also for being a self taught fashion designer skills, her audience recently increased crazily, especially on Instagram, where she also gets the best engagement rate.

Mecca James Williams @meccajw

  • Micro tier: 35.8K followers 

About: Mecca James Williams is a fashion stylist, editor and fashion influencer based in New York. She enjoys sharing bright colorful and summerish outfits as well as glimpses of her daily life through beautiful pictures.The cool thing is that she has figured out how to effortlessly tie in messages about mental health, self improvement, and empowerment to her captions and fashion looks. She collaborated with the fashion magazine “Bustle” where she helped create looks for celebrities and also collaborated with the jewelry brand SVNR for their MJW X SVNR collection, being an homage to Jamaica. Her audience has continued to grow over the past six months, but what’s more impressive is how much her engagement has grown (it’s significant).