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5 Tips for Convincing Influencers to Work with Your Brand

Aug 22, 2022

There are many roles that you need to master in influencer marketing: researcher, data analyst, relationship builder… writer. 

The last of these is no small feat. We’re now in a world where influencers are taking pitches from many different brands, and the competition is stiff. 

If you’ve completed your influencer discovery and vetting process and are now stressing over how to write outreach messages, read on for some best practices! 

5 tips for writing great influencer outreach messages

"Invest as much in the initial outreach email as you would if you were communicating with an influencer who is already generating millions of dollars in sales. That means personalizing the message, calling out an influencer's posts you enjoyed, or, if you’re a smaller brand, having a more senior employee (or founder) reach out first. When you care about the relationship, they will care about creating great content." — Phoebe Kunitomi, CEO and founder of okko

Give a genuine compliment. 

Sometimes it can be tempting to just cut to the chase when writing an outreach message. But it’s the personalized details that will actually catch someone’s eye. Spend some time scrolling through the creator’s content and find 1 or 2 things that you genuinely like and then incorporate into your message. Did they share an amazing before and after transformation video? Mention why it captured your attention and tell them that you shared it with all your friends.. Did they just share a review of a product that you found compelling? Let them know that you’ve been influenced to go buy it. 

Research brand and product affinity. 

Even the best written outreach message will flop if it’s sent to the wrong audience. Before reaching out, conduct some keyword research to see if the influencer has affinities to similar products or brands. Not only will this help you make a tailored offer/message, it can save you from spending time on folks that aren’t a good fit. For example, Berenice (@benulus) is a fashion influencer who really cares about sustainability and thrifting, yet she’s received multiple outreach messages from fast fashion brands. 🤔

Benulus Shein Instagram story

Which leads to the next point…

Show that you care about what they care about. 

In our recent influencer marketing report, we found that 68% of consumers are willing to pay a higher price for a product made by a brand that aligns with their values. Similarly, more and more influencers are expressing the desire for a deeper connection with brands. Your outreach message will have a better chance if it highlights a way that your brand is working towards a cause that the influencer cares about. But, remember that this only works if your brand is truly dedicated to that cause! 

For example, Beekman 1802 successfully partnered with VIP influencer, Kat Stickler, who gained her TikTok following from posting funny and upbeat videos. Beekman 1802 got Kat’s attention because their products are insanely good, but also because their mission (kindness) aligned with her personal brand.

Play the long (interactive) game. 

In the social media world, attention is scarce and recognition is made up of tons of micro moments. When you are trying to get an influencer to partner with you the outreach message is important, yes, but so is regular interaction with their content. Make sure you are consistently dropping compliments, and leaving likes and (substantive) comments on their content. The more they see your brand on their screen the more likely it is that they’ll be interested in learning more. 

Create a great influencer onboarding experience. 

The last part of a good outreach strategy is to make sure that the next step is a smooth and well-branded experience. Influencers are crunched for time! They’re full time content creators, professional community builders, and savvy marketers. A great way to make your brand stand out is by offering them a well curated and professional experience. You could achieve this by creating a specific landing page for them to go to, sending them a welcome gift, or creating a fun quiz so you can learn about their preferences and personality. There are also influencer marketing platforms that offer branded onboarding experiences, like Traackr’s Brand Studio.