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14 Rising and Top Influencers in the Fragrance Industry

Nov 6, 2023

Which beauty category is seeing the most amount of growth in influencer activity and engagement? According to Traackr’s recent Beauty State of Influence report, the fragrance category saw the biggest increase in activated influencers, mentions and engagements. 

Interestingly enough, this isn’t a new trend. Fragrance has been a high performing beauty category since 2020 and influencers are constantly creating new types of content for the category, like “fragrance shopping hauls”.

So, which creators are at the forefront of this movement? We’ve compiled a list of the rising and top influencers in the fragrance industry to consider partnering with for your next campaign. 

If you want the full rundown and a deeper dive on each influencer be sure to download our full top influencers report

The Rising and Top Influencers in the Fragrance Industry: 

1. Trey Bryant @treybryantstyle 

2. Rashad Little @mrrlittle

3. Jus de Rose @jusderose

4. Paul Reacts - @paulreactss 

5. Funmi Monet - @funmimonet 

6. Professor Perfume - ​​@professorperfume 

7. Fragrance knowledge @fragranceknowledge 

8. Travaulya - @travaulyawallace

9. Petra Mocanu - @petra.mocanu 

10. Beti @makeupsessions

11. FBFragrances @fbfragrances 

12. Noel Thomas @thenoelthomas 

13. Destiny @dessyxm 

14. Frederic @perfume_ologie 

Download our full top influencers report to see stats, content, and our analysis on why these influencers are so  compelling!  

Our goal with this series is to help you discover new potential partners and content styles, so you can make your next influencer marketing campaign the best one yet. See our full archive of top influencer lists to find your next influencer partner.


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