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[Video] A Smarter Way to Streamline Workflows for Influencer Marketing

Dec 6, 2017

We know staying organized is top of mind for all influencer marketers. But manual approaches for outreach and collaboration are cumbersome -- and automation feels inauthentic. After countless discussions with our customers, we knew there must exist a better way to streamline workflows in influencer marketing.

This week, Traackr is launching an industry first: task management capabilities within our Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) platform. Leveraging our new task management capabilities, now marketers can effectively collaborate with multiple teams across brands and geos, in order to coordinate influencer engagement. They are able to streamline campaign workflows and optimize influencer program management.

To help you visualize how you can streamline your workflow with tasks, Jordan Feise, Traackr’s Influencer Marketing Manager, has compiled a video revealing how she relied on tasks to plan for our most popular global event, among many other use cases.


While events are one aspect of an always-on influencer program, it’s helpful to have one place to streamline the workflow for team members.

With Traackr’s Task Management, the sky’s the limit for your initiatives. You can use it to nurture relationships, manage campaign activations, and optimize collaborations. Traackr’s tasks combine the power of CRM task management capabilities with a simple user experience. Users have the ability to:

  • Easily create tasks in bulk for a group of influencers
  • Assign tasks to team members to coordinate engagement or campaign activities
  • Prioritize to-dos with due dates
  • Organize tasks with project labels to keep track of different initiatives
  • Get notified about new tasks assigned and tasks due soon
  • Track progress and status of all upcoming tasks by project, owner, and due date

As collaborating with influencers has become an essential part of marketing for brands, optimizing the process is critical to successfully scale influencer programs.

Traackr’s task management capability provides users with a flexible tool that works the way they do — adapting to the needs of their program and teams.

What could you do with task management? If you’d like to learn more about this premium feature, contact us.