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Introducing Traackr’s Relationship Funnel

Aug 5, 2015

From getting on the radar of your influencers to activating brand advocacy among them, influencer engagement is a process - but it doesn't have to be a difficult one. The key to building relationships with your influencers is to understand, first, that there are different stages of engagement throughout the relationship process.

As companies decide where to invest their limited marketing resources, there is a distinct opportunity to focus on investing in relationships. — Lee Odden

This week, we introduced Traackr's Relationship Funnel, and the ability to track the 5 key stages of your influencer relationships within the platform — from awareness to advocacy. The goal of this new feature is to help users monitor where each unique relationship is in the influencer engagement journey, in order to build successful strategies and measure progress.

Track your influencer relationships

You wouldn’t propose on your first date – Don’t jump the gun in your influencer relationships.

Now you can update and view precisely which key stage your influencers are in, track your progress, and better understand when it's time to propose. Climbing the ladder of social engagement is easier when you can see where you are and know where you are going.

Set ownership of an influencer relationship to make cross-team collaboration easy, too. Any time a relationship owner or relationship stage is set to an influencer, the activity will be added to the conversation history, along with the rest of your engagement history, so you can track influencers' progress through the relationship funnel.

Manage your relationship funnel

Taking an influencer from completely unaware to an advocate for your brand or message is possible.

You can visualize the process in Traackr's Relationship Funnel, and watch your influencer relationships progress over time.

Influencer Relationship Funnel - Traackr

Influencer discovery is just the first step of influencer marketing programs. Understanding your relationships, managing conversations, tracking your progress, and measuring your success are the next key steps in building a successful influencer program.


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