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Top Influencers in Consumer Technology

Aug 10, 2015

We are entering a world where everyone is connected, all the time - to each other, to their devices, to products. Today, almost every consumer need has a technology solution - from wearable devices, to domestic robots, to smarter homes.

Amidst these technological developments is a growing dilemma in the minds of consumers about what to buy, what is safe, and what is reliable. Two conversations exist in this situation: one among consumers, often fearful about loss of privacy, and another among marketers attempting to resolve consumer dilemmas. The bridge between both conversations is built by influencers. Today Traackr brings to you the Top Influencers in Consumer Technology.

Top influencers have the ability to bring brands into conversations that involve and impact consumers the most. Authentic opinions from thought leaders hold enormous value in the minds of customers. While contextual content being shared by thought leaders has immense worth to brands.

In the technology space, influencers can help consumers better understand new developments, make decisions and speed up the adoption curve. They can help brands share a message and reach their audience, as trusted advisors.

The latest buzz in the consumer technology industry is about smart homes and devices that improve our lives. We have seen companies develop smart beds that help you sleep better, smart watches that do more than just show time, and even smart helmets that alert you about approaching vehicles. These developments have made life easier, but the growing number of options makes it difficult and confusing for consumers. In this era of developed technology, simplified connectivity and faded privacy, influencers can carry your brand to the community amidst information overload.

Here are Traackr’s Top Influencers in Consumer Technology:

Dana Blouin

Subject Matter Expert, CompTIA

Dana Blouin, an Internet of things thought leader. Currently a PhD candidate at SIIT - Thammasat University. #IoT #InternetOfThings #M2M #Wireless #Mobile

James Chevalier

Web Developer, Common Media, Inc. 

I'm into technology & music. I'm building

Fred Zimny

Curator serve4impact, customer experience leadership playbooks, writer and speaker about service, Serve4impact

Designing Services

Vala Afshar

Chief Marketing Officer, Enterasys

CMO, Extreme Networks | Blog: @HuffingtonPost, @Inc | Author: | Show:

Rob van Kranenburg

Founder, Council

罗万魁 Founder of Council

Vikas Gupta

Vice President (Strategy) and Chief Technology Officer, Clout Lattice (on Client Engagement)

Thinker, Designer, Cloud Strategist & Evangelist. I actively blog/RT on XaaS and Cloud Tech. Subscribe to ReligionSaaS, CloudCircle, CloudGurukul lists

Richard Kastelein

Hackitarian, The Hackitarians

Husband. Father. Entrepreneur, Strategist, Writer, Publisher, Innovation Catalyst, FRSA

Hayley Tsukayama

Technology Reporter, The Washington Post

Consumer tech for WaPo's @TheSwitch, rabid @Twins fan. Lawful good. Disclosure: My husband works for @EASPORTS

Theo Priestley

Not a Rocket Scientist, Logical Glue

Evangelist, Technologist, Catalyst, Provocateur, Startup Advisor, Speaker, Gamer, Geek, TEDx, Forbes. Tenacious Scotsman. Zero BS.

Andrea Peterson

Technology Reporter, The Washington Post

Covering tech policy for @WashingtonPost via @TheSwitch. Opinions here mine, but feel free to borrow them. Tips? andrea.peterson[at]washpost[dot]com