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Top Beauty Influencers to Watch in 2024

Jan 18, 2024

Influencers and creators have proven time and again the value that they can bring to your brand. Traackr’s 2024 Influencer Marketing Impact report found that 53% of consumers look to influencers for product recommendations, 61% feel that influencer’s posts sway their purchase decisions, and 56% say they would try a different social platform because of an influencer. 

Yes, influencers can impact sales, but they can also impact where and how your brand is engaging with your audience. 

So which influencers should you be keeping your eye on for 2024? We compiled a list of the top beauty influencers who drove the most VIT across 4 beauty categories -  Makeup & Cosmetics, Skincare, Hair Care, and Fragrance - in the US for 2023. 

Discover the top beauty influencers of 2023 in the US, ranked by the Brand Vitality Score (VIT).

P.S. We have a whole article about how to find top influencers (even without VIT), if you’re interested.

Top Beauty Influencers by VIT — Makeup & Cosmetics

Top 25 US Beauty Creators - Makeup & Cosmetics
  1. Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner) VIT 427K
  2. Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) VIT 337K
  3. Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) VIT 242K
  4. Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) VIT 208K
  5. Sol Pena (@sollpenamakeup) VIT 130K
  6. Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar) VIT 124K
  7. Mario Dedivanovic (@mariodedivanovic) VIT 123K
  8. Mikayla Nogueira (@mikaylajmakeup) VIT 88.4K
  9. Lindsey Rowley (@linsmakeuplooks) VIT 86.9K
  10. Pamela Brooks Pedraza (@pamelapedrozaa) VIT 83.5K
  11. Christxiee (@christxiee) VIT 77.5K
  12. Elizabeth Gray (@thegraytergood) VIT 68.9K
  13. Meredith Duxbury (@meredithduxbury) VIT 59.8K
  14. Monica Hamada (@mangomoniica) VIT 56K
  15. Nyadollie Deng (@dollievision) VIT 55.7K
  16. Johnny Ross  (@mrjohnnyross) VIT 53.2K
  17. Daus Mendoza (@daus_mendoza) VIT 52.1K
  18. Hasime Kukaj (@thebeautyradar) VIT 51.9K
  19. Elnaz Golrokh (@elnaz_golrokh) VIT 50.4K
  20. Alexis Androulakis (@thelipsticklesbians) VIT 46.4K
  21. Mina Zibayi (@minazibayi) VIT 46K
  22. Ruth Ism (@rxthism) VIT 44.6K
  23. Tanem (@musthavestxt) VIT 42.9K
  24. Katie ( VIT 42.1K
  25. Aiste Haas (@heygreatnails) VIT 40.6K

Top Beauty Influencers by VIT — Skincare

Top 25 US Beauty Creators- Skincare
  1. Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber (@haileybieber) VIT 133K
  2. Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian) VIT 106K
  3. Dr. Muneeb Shah (@dermdoctor) VIT 96K
  4. Dr. Dustin Portela (@drdustinportela) VIT 72.4K
  5. Dr. Angelo Landriscina (@dermangelo) VIT 70.1K
  6. Dr. Daniel Sugai (@drspf) VIT 62.3K
  7. Ava Lee (@glowwithava) VIT 60.1K
  8. Kat Stickler (@katstickler) VIT 57.9K
  9. Sonya Styles (@sonya_styles) VIT 56.7K
  10. Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky (@dermguru) VIT 55K
  11. Dr. Jenny Liu (@drjennyliu) VIT 46.6K
  12. Thomas Allison (@tom_allison_) VIT 45.7K
  13. Dr. Andrea Suarez (@drdrayzday) VIT 37.8K
  14. Dr. Chris Tomassian (@dr.tomassian) VIT 35.8K
  15. Edward Zo (@edwardzo) VIT 34.3K
  16. Dr. Zion Ko Lamm (@dr.zionko) VIT 32.8K
  17. Mireya Rios (@mireyarios) VIT 32K
  18. Zeph Sanders (@lifeaszeph) VIT 30.8K
  19. Rachel Finley (@hydrationceo) VIT 30.1K
  20. Hyram Yarbro (@hyram) VIT 30K
  21. Wendy Ly (@wendyskin) VIT 26.2K
  22. Anna Weng (@itsmaybeboth) VIT 24.9K
  23. Brittney Enora (@brittneyenora) VIT 24K
  24. Meredith Duxbury (@meredithduxbury) VIT 23.9K
  25. Lindsey Rowley (@linsmakeuplooks) VIT 23.6K

Top Beauty Influencers by VIT — Haircare

Top 25 US Beauty Creators - Hair Care
  1. Zeph Sanders (@lifeaszeph) VIT 78K
  2. Anthony Claxton (@krewkutz) VIT 38.8K
  3. Daryl Ann Denner (@darylanndenner) VIT 38K
  4. Chris Olsen (@chris) VIT 34.4K
  5. Destiny Lashae (@destinylashaemakeup) VIT 34.3K
  6. Abigail Goodman (@abigaillinnn) VIT 34.2K
  7. Sharon Brianna (@sharon.simplyinsane) VIT 31.6K
  8. Amela Glavatovic (@hairbyamela) VIT 31.3K
  9. Jennifer Aniston  (@jenniferaniston) VIT 29.5K
  10. Audry Boos (@audboos) VIT 28.1K
  11. Mikayla Nogueira (@mikaylajmakeup) VIT 27.8K
  12. Audrey Victoria (@audreyvictoria_) VIT 27.5K
  13. Carlos Atila (@carloshairstylist_) VIT 27.1K
  14. Lazhane Hightower (@hairbynay247) VIT 26.1K
  15. Emily Chen (@emchenhair) VIT 25.5K
  16. Brittney Enora (@brittneyenora) VIT 25.1K
  17. Matt Newman (@mattloveshair) VIT 23.5K
  18. Geena Hunt (@makeupbygeenahunt) VIT 23.3K
  19. Mai Laya Govia (@mailayazuri) VIT 23.3K
  20. Alix Earle (@alixearle) VIT 22.4K
  21. Alfredo Lewis (@alfredolewis) VIT 21.1K
  22. Tessa Peay (@tessapeay) VIT 20.6K
  23. Wendy Ly (@wendyskin) VIT 20.2K
  24. Abbey Yung (@abbeyyung) VIT 19.7K
  25. John George (@johnwgeorge) VIT 19.5K

Top Beauty Influencers by VIT — Fragrance

Top 25 US Beauty Creators - Fragrance
  1. Billie Eilish (@billieeilish) - VIT 66.2K
  2. Lina Noory (@linanoory) - VIT 45.7K
  3. Emma Watson (@emmawatson) - VIT 32.4K
  4. Paul Fino (@paulreactss) - VIT 22.5K
  5. Sofia Richie Grainge (@sofiarichiegrainge) - VIT 19.4K
  6. Ijé Simon (@ijesimonn) - VIT 10.9K
  7. Yasmin Maya (@beautyybird) - VIT 10.2K
  8. Jacquelyn Aina (@jackieaina)- VIT 9.09K 
  9. Petra Mocanu (@petrambeauty) - VIT 8.83K
  10. Maksims Kirhensteins (@maxmanscents) - VIT 7.01K
  11. Funmi Monet (@funmimonet) - VIT 6.79K
  12. Rose Mwambayi (@yourfavafrican) - VIT 6.58K 
  13. Abigaille Cadet (@thecherystv) - VIT 5.92K
  14. Hunter Vought (@huntervought) - VIT 5.57K 
  15. R Carlos (@TLTGReviews) - VIT 5.17K
  16. SouKeyna Diouf (@soukeyna) - VIT 4.83K
  17. Olivia VanDerMillen (@oliviaolfactory) - VIT 4.63K
  18. Skai Jackson (@skaijackson) - VIT 4.41K
  19. Aïssata Diallo (@aissatatdiallo) - VIT 4.35K
  20. Ohuprettythings (@ohuprettythings) - VIT 4.01K
  21. Alex Costa (@alexcosta) - VIT 3.94K
  22. David McMillian (@itstop5dave) - VIT 3.88K
  23. Ashton Kirkland (@GentsScents) - VIT 3.71K
  24. Chinyere Adogu (@the_real_chi) - VIT 3.66K
  25. Jenny De La Rosa (@jennydelarosa) - VIT 3.61K

The Methodology for Finding Top Beauty Influencers

This report was created by Traackr, the influencer marketing platform for performance-driven marketers. Built to handle the most complex programs, yet nimble enough for small teams that need to do it all. For the purpose of this “top beauty influencers”  study, we evaluated 124K influencers located in the United States who mentioned beauty products in the makeup, skincare, hair care, and fragrance industries. Influencers of all tiers (nano, micro, mid, mega, and VIP) were included. 

We analyzed the content produced and shared by these influencers from January 2023 - November 2023. 

What is the Brand Vitality Score (VIT)?

Traackr’s proprietary metric helps you understand how content mentioning your brand performs, taking into account visibility, impact, and brand trust. You can learn how VIT is calculated in this whitepaper

Simple. By aggregating multiple data points into one, VIT provides a single metric for success that can be used to benchmark and track trends.

Transparent. The VIT methodology is easy to understand and highly actionable in uncovering where to invest to drive impact.

Meaningful. VIT is based on known brand levers and has been optimized through machine learning to correlate with business metrics at the brand level.

You can learn more about VIT here.


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