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The Top Beauty Influencers of 2022

Jan 12, 2023

Influencer marketing can be a powerful tool for building awareness and community, and even driving sales. In fact, 70% of US consumers are more likely to buy a product from a brand if they work with an influencer they know and trust. 

As we enter into a new year, we figured we’d share some of the top beauty influencers of 2022. Discover the top beauty influencers of 2022 by VIT across 3 categories — Makeup & Cosmetics, Skincare, and Hair Care.

P.S. We have a whole article about how to find top influencers (even without VIT), if you’re interested.

Top Beauty Influencers in the US, by VIT

Top 25 US Influencers - Makeup & Cosmetics

Top Beauty influencers by VIT — Makeup & Cosmetics 

1. Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner)

  • 746k VIT
  • VIP: 515M total audience 

2. Ariana Grande (@arianagrande

  • 277k VIT
  • VIP: 556M total audience

3. Selena Gomez (@selenagomez)

  • 196k VIT
  • VIP: 587M total audience

4. Jennifer Lopez (@jlo)

  •  139k VIT
  • VIP: 369M total audience

5. Johnny Ross (@mrjohnnyross)

  • 128k VIT
  • Mega: 2.49M total audience

6. Mario Dedivanovic (@mariodedivanovic)

  • 91.3k VIT
  • VIP: 13.5M total audience

7. Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian)

  • 87.8k VIT
  • VIP: 457M total audience

8. Halsey (@iamhalsey)

  • 84.3k VIT
  • VIP: 70.7M total audience

9. Mikayla Nogueira (@mikaylajmakeup)

  • 83.9k VIT
  • VIP: 18M total audience

10. Lady Gaga (@ladygaga)

  • 75k VIT
  • VIP: 234M total audience

11. Becky G (@iambeckyg)

  • 70.4k VIT
  • VIP: 105M total audience

12. Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani)

  • 51.5k VIT
  • VIP: 33.1M total audience

13. Sol Pena (@sollpenamakeup)

  • 50.5k VIT
  • VIP: 5.78M total audience

14. Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar)

  • 43.9k VIT 
  • VIP: 42M total audience

15. Kris Jenner (@krisjenner)

  • 42.6k VIT
  • VIP: 76.6M total audience

16. Monica Ravichandran (@makeupbymonicaa)

  • 39.7k VIT
  • Macro: 556k total audience

17. Marjan Tabibzada (@youngcouture)

  • 38.7k VIT
  • VIP: 5.3M total audience

18. Rocio L Soria (@rocio.roses)

  • 38.5k VIT
  • Mega: 1.69M total audience

19. Golloria (@golloria)

  • 34.3k VIT
  • Macro: 993k total audience

20. Monica (@mangomoniica

  • 33.5k VIT
  • Macro: 593k total audience

21. Victoria Lyn (@victorialyn

  • 30.7k VIT
  • VIP: 7.59M total audience

22. Gabe Adams (@gabeadams)

  • 29.6k VIT
  • Mega: 4.2M total audience

23. Huda Kattan (@huda)

  • 29k VIT
  • Mega: 2.69M 

24. Trevor Barrett (@trevorbarrett)

  • 28.5k VIT
  • Mega: 1.44M total audience

25. Drew Barrymore (@drewbarrymore)

  • 27.7k VIT
  • VIP: 33.9M total audience
Top 25 US Influencers - Skincare

Top Beauty influencers by VIT — Skincare

1. Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian)

  • 177k VIT
  • VIP: 457M total audience

2. Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner)

  • 151k VIT 
  • VIP: 515M total audience

3. Dr. Muneeb Shah (@dermdoctor

  • 93.9k VIT
  • VIP: 20.6M total audience 

4. Hailey Bieber (@haileybieber)

  • 90.2k VIT 
  • VIP: 68M total audience

5. Ava J Lee (@glowwithava)

  • 59.3k VIT 
  • Mega: 2.23M total audience

6. Mikayla Nogueira (@mikaylajmakeup)

  • 41.2k VIT
  • VIP: 18M total audience

7. Rihanna (@badgalriri)

  • 36.2k VIT 
  • VIP: 398M total audience

8. Matthew Smith (@dangmattsmith)

  • 30.1k VIT 
  • VIP: 29.3M total audience

9. Edward Zo (@edwardzo)

  • 29.8k VIT 
  • Mega: 3.25M total audience

10. Dr. Mina Amin (

  • 24.5k VIT 
  • Mid: 3290k total audience

11. Sarah Palmyra (@sarahpalmyra)

  • 24k VIT 
  • Mega: 1.42M total audience

12. Pamela Brooks Pedraza (@pamelapedrozaa)

  • 20.3k VIT 
  • Mega: 1.1M total audience

13. Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar)

  • 18.8k VIT  
  • VIP: 42M total audience

14. Thomas Allison (@tom_allison_)

  • 18.4k VIT 
  • Macro: 852k total audience

15. Dr. Chris Tomassian (@dr.tomassian)

  •  17.9k VIT 
  • Mega: 2.01M total audience

16. Wendy Ly (@wendyskin)

  •  16.8k VIT 
  • Mega: 1.72M total audience

17. Adam Waheed (@adamw)

  • 16.4k VIT
  • VIP: 33.5M total audience 

18. Dr. Dustin Portela (@drdustinportela

  •  16.4k VIT 
  • Mega: 3M total audience

19. Dr. Mamina Turegano (@dr.mamina)

  • 15.6k VIT 
  • Mega: 1.31M total audience

20. Kris Jenner (@krisjenner)

  • 15.5k VIT 
  • VIP: 76.6M total audience

21. Dr Charles MD (@drcharlesmd)

  • 15.1k VIT 
  • Mega: 1.64M total audience

22. Hannah Cho (@imhannahcho)

  • 14.7k VIT
  • Mid: 394k total audience

23. Dr. Daniel Sugai (@drspf)

  • 13.9k VIT
  • Mega: 1.24M total audience

24. Millie Bobby Brown (@milliebobbybrown)

  • 13.7k VIT
  • VIP: 66.9M total audience

25. Cassandra Bankson (@cassandrabankson)

  •  13.4k VIT 
  • Mega: 3.54M total audience
Top 25 US Influencers - Haircare

Top Beauty Influencers by VIT — Haircare

1. Gabrielle Union (@gabunion)

  • 45.5k VIT 
  • VIP: 35M total audience

2. Eve Fuentes (@curly.evee

  • 39.1k VIT 
  • Macro: 811k total audience

3. Jennifer Aniston (@jenniferaniston)

  • 34k VIT 
  • VIP: 56.8M total audience

4. Matt Newman (@mattloveshair)

  • 31.7k VIT
  • Mega Influencer: 1.75 M  

5. Kaavia James Union Wade (@kaaviajames)

  • 27.6k VIT
  • Mega: 1.94M total audience

6. Shayla Robertson (@samirasjewelry

  • 25.7k VIT 
  • Macro: 749k total audience

7. Mikayla Nogueira (@mikaylajmakeup)

  • 25.1k VIT 
  • VIP: 18M total audience

8. Maggie May Hancock (@maggiemh)

  • 23.9k VIT
  • Mid: 460k total audience

9. Christopher Appleton (@chrisappleton1

  • 23.4k VIT
  • VIP: 5.56M total audience

10. Patricia Nikole (@paintedhair)

  • 20.8k VIT
  • Mega: 1.52M total audience

11. Caroline Vazzana (@cvazzana)

  • 20.6k VIT
  • Mega: 1.05M total audience

12. Audrey Victoria (@audreyvictoria_)

  • 18.2k VIT
  • Mega: 4.63M total audience

13. Jonathan Van Ness (@jvn)

  • 17.1k VIT
  • VIP: 7.99M total audience

14. Steph Quinones (@itsfefii7)

  • 16k VIT
  • Mega: 1.59M total audience

15. Loni Jean Lafinier (@desertcurlsstudio)

  • 15.5k VIT 
  • Macro: 509K total audience

16. Guy Tang (@guytang)

  • 13.7k VIT
  • VIP: 6.91M total audience

17. Robbi Jan (@robbijan)

  • 13.3k VIT
  • Mega: 1.27M total audience 

18. Giles Robinson (@mrgilesrobinson)

  • 12.2k VIT 
  • Mid: 152K total audience

19. Lily Collins (@lilyjcollins)

  • 12.2k VIT
  • VIP: 32.9M total audience

20. Daniel LaBelle (@daniellabelle1)

  • 12k VIT
  • VIP: 53.9M total audience

21. Ceren Kartal Sagtekin (@cerensagtekin)

  • 11.8k VIT
  • Macro: 512k total audience

22. Dylan Mulvaney (@dylanmulvaney

  • 11.6k VIT
  • VIP: 10.9M total audience

23. Bradley Leake (@hairbybradleyleake)

  • 11.5k VIT 
  • Mid: 193k total audience 

24. Torie Bliss (@torielynnbliss

  • 10.7k VIT 
  • Mid: 184k total audience 

25. Shay Sullivan (@shay.sullivann

  • 9.7k VIT
  • Mega: 1.12M total audience

The Methodology for Finding Top Beauty Influencers

This report was created by Traackr, the influencer marketing platform for performance-driven marketers. Built to handle the most complex programs, yet nimble enough for small teams that need to do it all. For the purpose of this “top beauty influencers”  study, we evaluated 99.5K influencers located in the United States. Influencers of all tiers (nano, micro, mid, mega, and VIP) were included. 

We analyzed the content produced and shared by these influencers from January 2022 - November 2022. We defined influencer tiers based on total audience size across all platforms as follows.

What is the Brand Vitality Score (VIT)?

Traackr’s proprietary metric helps you understand how content mentioning your brand performs, taking into account visibility, impact, and brand trust. You can learn how VIT is calculated in this whitepaper

Traackr's Brand Vitality Score

Simple. By aggregating multiple data points into one, VIT provides a single metric for success that can be used to benchmark and track trends.

Transparent. The VIT methodology is easy to understand and highly actionable in uncovering where to invest to drive impact.

Meaningful. VIT is based on known brand levers and has been optimized through machine learning to correlate with business metrics at the brand level.

You can learn more about VIT here.