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Top Influencers in Hospitality

Jul 9, 2015

Before the world of information overload, when all questions had simple answers, there existed an emotional driver called trust. Today, trust is harder to build, especially between customers and brands. A brand promise and its reasons to believe are no longer taken at face value.

Today, influence help brands build trust. Influence that comes from people held in high regard, who are thought leaders and have a loyal following, has limitless value. The audience trusts the opinions of these influencers. When engaged well, these influencers can become advocates for your brand.

Advocates… advocate; and followers… follow.

Hence, there is much value for all brands to find influencers in their space.

The top 10 influencers in the hospitality space

If you are part of an airline business, a chain of hotels, a travel agency that facilitates booking, a growing hospitality management company, or a luxury service provider, it’s time to take note. Your influencers are people who talk from first hand experience, and they love those experiences. Their love for travel and connecting with people is probably what prompted them to share their thoughts in the first place.

Today these experiences have made them who they are, with a large following that values their opinion. They could be travel bloggers and enthusiasts, journalists, executives who travel on business, photographers or luxury goods users.

Your customers trust influencers. You want to earn your customers’ trust. So, take the first step to earning trust, find your #Influencers.

Here's how I generated today's Top 10 Influencers report in 2 easy steps. 

  • Logged into Traackr's free Influencer Report with LinkedIn
  • Entered 4 keywords: #travel, Asia Travel, Destination wedding, Travel tips

Voila! I had my report, with loads of cool information on my first 10 influencers' social presence and where to follow them.

Here’s my Top 10 Influencers in the hospitality space from @traackr:

John Gentry

Helping bring the world together one friend at a time. So travel and discover that the world is full of wonderful people.

Lara Dunston

Siem Reap-based Australian travel + food writer AustralianGourmetTraveller, Guardian, CNN, Delicious, NatGeoTrav, CondeNastTravellerChina, AFAR Siem Reap Expert

Federica Piersimoni

Se lo vedi lo twitti Social Lover #TravelBlogger e #Lifestyle Blogger - Editore di @ViaggiLC e Socia #TBnet Social Media Consultant, Mamma di Giulio

Jodee Bugarszki-Lim

We are traveling all around the world. Due to work or for fun at times.

Fulvio Meloni

#Social #Selling #Amazon #Ecommerce Online since 1996 Twitter Expert I'm ranked in the TOP 0,1 % of #SocialMedia users …

Sharon Gourlay

Join us as we explore the world with our young kids - and help you travel smarter, cheaper and better with your own kids!!

Carlos Melia

Curating the world of Luxury Travel by self-experience, one destination at the time. Travel Agent & Blogger. Husband to @RubinSinger. Instagram @carlosmeliablog

Chris Owen

Chris Owen is a travel writer from Orlando Florida charged with sharing frank, inside information about cruise vacations.

Ann Tran

Branding & marketing strategist with a strong #SM presence. Forbes Top 10.  l #LuxuryTravel #travel writer-Public speaker 

Jerome Shaw

#Travel #Photographer #Writer #Teacher. Lover of #CraftBeer#chocolate, #exploring#coffee#wine & #music. Publisher of @TravelBoldly

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