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The Many Faces of Influence

Apr 2, 2013

Inspired by the rich variety of influencer types our customers discover through Traackr and by the successful engagement strategies they have built in their influencer marketing programs, we looked for patterns and identified 10 key influencer archetypes. Among these influencer profiles are:

  • the Authority, the influencer who is expert in connecting topic areas and can package insights into a meaningful bundle for his audience;
  • the Insider, who finds alliances to build the market story he needs to tell and pushes the industry forward; and
  • the Agitator, who always looks for ways to stir the pot and push conversations to new heights.

Filled with fun facts and tips about what motivates the different types of online influencers, The Many Faces of Influence infographic and deck of cards is a simple guide to understanding how to be a part of their community and knowing the best ways to engage them.

For illustrative purposes, we have associated real people to each influencer type but bear in mind that most real life influencers fit more than a single profile (including the people represented here).

We invite you to explore this inforgraphic to learn more about The Many Faces of Influence and to share your own stories of best practices for engaging them.

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