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11 Rising and Top Influencers in the Beverage Industry

Jun 20, 2024

As the warmer months draw near, so does the season of hosting dinner parties, luncheons, barbeques, and more. Move over, food bloggers! There's a new kind of creator shaking things up – introducing the beverage connoisseurs.

Out with the old, in with the brew! From intricate cocktails to the soaring popularity of mocktails, these beverage creators will inspire you to elevate your next dinner. 

We have put together a list of emerging and leading beverage influencers with highly engaged audiences, for you to potentially collaborate with for your next campaign. 

To receive a deeper dive into each influencer, download our entire top influencers report. 

The Rising and Top Influencers in the Beverage Industry: 

  1. Loic Sciampagna @cocktailsguy
  2. Anne-Lise @annelise_bartender7
  3. Ed @ed_tales
  4. David Jordan Melia @speakeasieruk
  5. Chris Leavitt  @notjustabartender
  6. Julianna McIntosh @join_jules
  7. Kaitlyn Stewart @likeablecocktails
  8. Lui Fernandes @lui_fern
  9. Kelly Pettit @yellowbellykelly
  10. Justine Doiron @Justine_snacks
  11. Olivia Noceda @olivianoceda

Download our full top influencers report to see stats, content, and our analysis on why these influencers are so compelling!  

Our goal with this series is to help you discover new potential partners and content styles, so you can make your next influencer marketing campaign the best one yet. See our full archive of top influencer lists to find your next influencer partner.


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