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Rising Influencers: 6 Clean Beauty Advocates

Aug 18, 2021

Rising Influencers in Clean Beauty

Clean beauty has seen enormous growth over the past couple of years, but data shows that the category might soon shift. Based on consumer engagements, influencer conversations, and indie brand experimentation we think that clean beauty will need to become more transparent, inclusive, and sustainable (more on that here). 

We searched through 42,100 influencers across the U.S. and Europe to find six influencers who are talking about clean beauty through this new lens, and analyzed why their content is so compelling. 

Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth (@honeynsilk)

Mid-tier: 107K followers on Instagram 

About: Stephanie is a lifestyle influencer who finds the beauty in nature’s details and focuses on the beauty from the inside out. Her passion for beauty and skincare developed through her complex relationship with her skincare confidence. 

Clean beauty inside and out: Stephanie’s clean beauty philosophy stemmed from her realization that providing your body with clean ingredients - on your skin and in your body - is of the utmost importance. Stephanie provides in-depth product reviews, tutorials, and skincare routines for her audience and has already partnered with brands like By Rosie Jane that offer clean beauty products in sustainable packaging. 

Tennille Murphy (@thetennillelife_)

Nano: 191K followers on Instagram 

About: Tenille is a sustainable living and self-care influencer who focuses on natural, clean, and age-inclusive beauty routines. She aims to provide skin care regimens that are all-natural, yet affordable.  

Embracing natural beauty: Tennille encourages women to embrace their natural beauty by being an example to her audience. Age discrimination has also been a long held issue in the beauty industry, so we love that Tennille embraces her silver streaks, encourages self-love at any age, and openly discusses how your skin’s needs change over time (and how having the right, clean products can help). She is also a part of the Sephora Squad and often showcases Sephora’s clean beauty initiatives.

Celeste Thomas (@celestethomas)

Nano: 50.9K followers on Instagram and 78.8K followers on TikTok

About: Celeste is a holistic skincare and wellness influencer who focuses on clean skincare practices. As a registered nurse specializing in skincare and a total product enthusiast, she provides a unique perspective into the skincare landscape. 

Intersection of profession and passion: Celeste’s skin confidence stems from her own skincare journey and decade long search for products that actually work. She tests every product, fad, and treatment on her own skin, building trust with her audience. From brutally honest reviews to finding skincare dupes, Celeste brings a unique combination of transparency and price inclusivity to her content. 

Gabrielle Jovanovic (@lapetitegaby)

Macro: 151k followers on Instagram and 293k followers on Youtube

About: Gabrielle is a hair care expert whose mission is to educate on and celebrate brands who are creating clean and natural products. 

Celebrating natural products: For Garbrielle, clean beauty is an essential not only for her personal health but for the health of the environment. She shares tips on how to create home made products and loves to find the most affordable products through her favorite clean beauty app, the “” 

Alba Ramos (@mrsalbaramos)

Top: 327K followers on Instagram and 1M subscribers on YouTube

About: Alba is a clean beauty and natural living influencer. After becoming a parent and learning about the harmful chemicals that can be found in everyday products, she began transitioning to safer, non-toxic ingredients.

Non-toxic everything: Alba takes a non-toxic approach to everything - not just beauty. As an advocate for clean and safe ingredients, Alba’s skincare, makeup and hair care routines contain products that meet those standards. She also brings light to the #CleanBeautyJustice, a movement that addresses the fact that products created for women of color often contain more harmful ingredients than products marketed towards white women. 

Lauren Ferree (@relauren)

Nano: 19.5K followers on Instagram and 194K followers on TikTok

About: Lauren is an environmentalist whose mission is to create positive environmental change in the world. With sustainability at the forefront of all her content, Lauren shares lifestyle and wellness tips with her followers. 
Sustainable environmentalist: Lauren classifies sustainability as when something is accessible to all, affordable to all, and regenerative to the planet. In her “Make it Sustainable” series on Instagram and TikTok, Lauren always uses these principles when talking about makeup, skincare, and wellness.

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