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[Video] Introducing Influencer Link Tracking in Traackr

Aug 31, 2020

Today we’re excited to announce Link Tracking in Traackr.

As investments in influencer marketing continue to grow, so does the need to measure impact deeper into the customer journey. Providing your influencers with trackable links enables you to measure and report on their impact beyond awareness to consideration and conversion.

With Traackr’s Link Tracking capabilities, you can now:

  • Create trackable links and define UTMs for integration with Google Analytics
  • Leverage dynamic variables to easily assign custom links for each influencer
  • Share links with your influencers individually or en masse directly from the platform
  • Automatically track the clicks and traffic generated by each influencer

Check out this quick demo to see this in action:

If you’re a Traackr customer and are interested in enabling Link Tracking in your account, please contact your Traackr Account Director or Customer Success Manager.

If you’re new to Traackr and are interested in learning more, let’s get you set up with a demo of the platform.