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3 Ways Creators Can Protect Their Mental Health

May 11, 2023

Taking care of your mental health is important for everyone, especially creators in the fast-paced world of influencer marketing.  

Why? Because there’s a lot of gray areas between work and personal life. Being a creator is not a conventionally mapped-out career and is deeply personal, so it can be difficult to navigate.

Below, beauty and wellness influencer, Katrisha Rose (@katrisharose), shares her top tips when it comes to protecting her mental health as a creator. 

3 Mental Health Tips for Creators

Mental Health Tip for Creators #1: Create reasonable goals 

More growth, more engagement, more brand deals…These might be a few of the goals you’re setting for yourself as a creator, and these are by no means small feats to accomplish.

To avoid getting overwhelmed, take the time to set small, reasonable goals for yourself and pair them with key action items of how you plan to reach that goal. Having a clear idea of how you can slowly chip away at your big goals will guide you to having a more enjoyable and sustainable career as a creator. 

“Most days will feel like small steps, not big leaps, and that is still worthy and productive. Don’t let a slower pace of growth knock you down, it’s totally normal!” - Katrisha Rose, Beauty and Wellness Influencer + Creator

It’s also important to avoid (as best you can) comparing yourself to others. The downside to being on social media constantly is that it can lead you to compare yourself to other creators. Inspiration can easily turn to jealousy. Remember, you’re on your own journey — celebrate both big and small wins!

Mental Health Tip for Creators #2: Define your work schedule

As a digital creator, work is always at your fingertips and it can be tempting to create 24/7. Scrolling your feed for fun can soon turn into documenting ideas for your next post, or enjoying a new restaurant with friends can suddenly turn into an unplanned content shoot. 

This is why it’s important to set working hours. A 9-5 work schedule is not what we mean (unless that works for you!). Instead, block off times when you dedicate yourself to your work vs time when you are “off the clock” and are focused on just enjoying the environment and community around you. An easy way to do this is to schedule time on your calendar - both work-related and personal. 

“We can’t truly be plugged in and working 24/7, it is a surefire recipe to burnout. Anticipate, plan for, and protect time to take real breaks. Trust me, as much as you love what you do, you still need regular and recurrent downtime!” -  Katrisha Rose, Beauty and Wellness Influencer + Creator

Also, don’t forget to plan vacations and time away from work (brand trips don’t count!). Since you are your own boss, you’re in charge of giving yourself a reset when it’s needed. Just don’t wait till the last second!

Mental Health Tip for Creators #3: Set privacy boundaries

As a creator, your life is quite literally on display, and often, the more you share (or the more “authentic” you are) the more growth you’ll get. While there are many creators who have opened up and shared all aspects of their life, it does not mean you have to do the same. 

First and foremost, you are a human being and you deserve privacy around topics you consider to be personal or sensitive. Set clear boundaries for yourself of what you feel comfortable sharing and what’s private. Having this separation will bring you more control over your identity. 

“Do not feel obligated to share things you aren’t comfortable with. It’s healthy to maintain a sense of privacy and separation between your offline life and online life.” - Katrisha Rose, Beauty and Wellness Influencer + Creator


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