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Beauty Influencer Trends: Best Beauty Advent Calendars of 2022

Dec 13, 2022

Beauty advent calendars have gotten more and more popular over the years, and recent data indicates that they’re likely still on the rise.

Compared to last year, there has been a 13% increase in influencers posting about beauty advent calendars, with a 33% increase in engagements, and 37% increase in video views. Even more interesting — this is despite there being 6% fewer posts from influencers on the topic.

Beauty Advent Calendar Content in the US, Across All Platforms (Sept 2021 - Dec 4 2021 vs Sept 2022 - Dec 4 2022):

  • +13% influencers
  • -6% posts
  • +33% engagements
  • +37% video views

The most talked about brands include Sephora, Charlotte Tilbury, L’Occitane, Revolution Beauty, Dior, and the Body Shop. While many of the brands saw big increases in mentions, engagements and video views compared to last year, The Body Shop saw a decrease year-over-year.

Most Mentioned Beauty Brand Advent Calendars in the US:

  1. Sephora
  2. Charlotte Tilbury
  3. L’Occitane
  4. Revolution Beauty
  5. Dior
  6. The Body Shop

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