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Announcing the 2020 State of Influence: Fashion Report by Traackr

Mar 11, 2020

With social media lending itself more and more to the shopping process, it’s important to know specifically how influencers are interacting with and putting your brand out there. Have they left you behind and your brand is struggling as a result? Or are you right on trend and mastering influencer marketing?

Today, Traackr released the 2020 State of Influence: Fashion Report. This report was created using Influencer Market Benchmark (IMB), our technology platform which analyzes the performance of influencer generated content mentioning brands in a given market. For this particular study, we looked at 123 fashion brands across four categories: luxury, contemporary, fast fashion and athletic wear. 

Designed to show where fashion’s powerhouses fall within their category ranks and provide insight into which brands are successfully leveraging influencers, this report can show you the variances in influencer participation within each category. 

We are answering the following questions: 

  • How do the different categories approach the diverse range of influencer tiers? And is it what you would expect?
  • Which brands rise to the top? Is there a specific category doing particularly well?
  • How are classic athletic wear brands adapting to digital savvy brands?
  • Are sustainable brands engaging the influencer community? Is fast fashion suffering as a result?
  • Are VIP influencers the only ones making an impact in luxury fashion?

Download a copy of the report to find out the answers to these questions and much more!