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8 Rising Travel Influencers to Follow

Jun 9, 2022

Find Your Next Travel Influencer to Partner With

Time to put away the puffy coats and rain boots because summer is almost here! We are starting to see an uptick in engagements around influencers talking about traveling. Meanwhile, brands are also bringing back their influencer trips - a sure indicator that travel is on the mind. 

So as you’re planning out your summer influencer marketing campaigns, check out these eight travel influencers who are providing the best travel advice and content for their audiences. We also highlight some great collaborations with Primark, Empress 1908 Gin and Princess Cruises, to show how brands of all kinds can work with these folks.

Diana (@dwanderess)

Mid: 142K

About: One quick scroll through Diana’s feed, and you’ll be mesmerized by the beautiful landscapes and dreamy destinations she travels to. In addition to giving destination advice, Diana also provides tips for making incredible videos, so you can have the ultimate souvenir from your trip. Her audience and engagement rate has continued to grow in recent months, reaching a 4% engagement rate at the end of May!

Our favorite post: 

JQ Louise (@jqlouise)

Mid: 121K 

About: JQ Louise is a Boston based travel influencer who has a strong following on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and her travel podcast. Thanks to Traackr’s data, we were able to determine that the majority of her audience are millennials who like to travel. Calling all luxury resorts, could this be your next influencer partner? 

Our favorite post:

Monet Hambrick (@thetravelingchild)

Mid: 211K

About: Traveling with two kids can be difficult, but Monet Hambrick shows how exciting and affordable traveling with a family can truly be! This Miami-based family of four shows that it is possible to travel the world and provides great tips on finding affordable flights and how to plan trips around school vacations. Aside from this being the type of content you’ll want to save for later, we think the mommy blogger is making a comeback. Monet’s audience growth is impressive, going from 150K in early January to 200K today! 

Our favorite post:

Gabby (@packslight)

Mid: 394K

About: Looking to live abroad? Well then, Gabby is the perfect travel influencer to follow on TikTok and Instagram! She shares concrete tips on how to work remotely as well as study and work abroad opportunities. She also shares great information for women who are traveling solo. With an engagement rate of 7,41% in the first week of June, you should definitely take a look at her profile!

Our favorite post:

Kirsty Leanne (@kirstleannetravels)

Mid: 70K

About: Kirsty is a travel influencer whose mission is to help plus size folks travel the world with confidence! She does just that by sharing best travel tips, answering questions from her followers, and showing her own experience while traveling, a type of content really appreciated by millennials, which constitute the majority of her audience. Check out her latest adventure with Princess cruises

Our favorite post: 

Daniella Duque (@daniduqued)

Mid: 65K

About: Danielle is a Colombian fashion, lifestyle and travel influencer based in Miami. She connects with her audience by sharing fashionable outfits of the day (OOTD) and publishing her content in both English and Spanish. She’s worked with brands such as Primark and Pink Blush Maternity to showcase her fantastic outfits that makes us want to add everything to our shopping cart!

Our Favorite Post:

Sima (@thecuriouspixie)

Mid: 214K

About: Sima is a traveling content creator based in London. What’s great about Sima’s content? She tells you what to do and what NOT to do in her hometown of London and other cities that she travels to. She also provides various tips on avoiding crowds, secret spots, and best practices for traveling. Sima’s has a larger following of 117K+ of TikTok, but is on the rise in IG. She grew 15K+ followers in three months! 

Our favorite post:

Brandi Fowler (@destinationfab)

Micro: 27K 

About: Brandi Fowler is a micro travel influencer who is on the rise! From March to May of this year, she has nearly doubled her following on Instagram. Brandi shares her best travel tips and routine in a relatable and informative way - which is clearly resonating with her audience. We’re now contemplating buying our plane tickets to Zanzibar.  

Our favorite post:

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