Why Choose Traackr over Tribe Dynamics?

While Tribe Dynamics provides high-level market insights, Traackr delivers a complete platform with both the intelligence and the tools you need to run impactful influencer programs at scale.

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Traackr Powers Data-Driven Influencer Marketing for Hundreds of Brands Across 70 Countries and 26 Languages

Influencer Discovery
6M+ Influencers
Search by Content
Search by Influencer Attributes
Search by Audience Attributes
Recommended Influencers
100,000 Influencers
Top Influencers by EMV
Influencer Vetting
Platform Metrics
2.5 years of Content
Audience Demographics
Audience Quality
Brand Safety
Platform Metrics
Recent Content Mentioning Your Brand
Campaign Management
Custom Workflows
Influencer Communications
Briefing & Collaboration
Deliverables Tracking
Campaign Reporting
Campaign Reporting
Budget Optimization
Suggested Influencer Fees
Global Influencer Payments
Spend Tracking
Multi-Currency Support
ROI Reporting
Program Management
Influencer Onboarding
Relationship Management
Program Reporting
Market Benchmarking
Customized Reports
All Influencers in Market
Brand Leaderboard
Category Benchmarking
Paid vs Organic Performance
Influencer Coverage Across Tiers
Platform Analysis
Brand Vitality Score (Impact Metric)
Generic Reports
Sample of Influencers in Market
Brand Leaderboard
Earned Media Value (Cost Metric)
Privacy Shield Certified

What You Can Do with Traackr

Influencer Discovery & Vetting

Leverage data-driven insights to find top performing influencers who are brand safe, on-message, and speak to your target audience.

Program Measurement

Access all of your program’s core KPIs into an interactive dashboard you can easily manipulate to answer your most important business questions in seconds.

Creator Collaboration

Efficiently scale your influencer marketing community in a central place with automated tools to attract, vet, activate, authenticate, and collaborate with the right creators.

Influencer Relationships Management

Track your relationships with influencers and coordinate across your team with notes, tasks, review status, and custom data. Organize your network with groups and communicate easily with personalized emails.

Campaign Management

Simplify your entire workflow for all types of influencer campaigns and connect your efforts to results with comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Budget Optimization

Track spend, analyze performance, and optimize your ROI by investing in the right strategies.

Social Commerce

See the direct impact of your influencer campaigns by tracking conversions, recording sales, and paying commissions all from Traackr.

Program Management

Gain visibility, standardize workflows, and establish common measurement frameworks with a global system of record for your influencer marketing program.

Market Benchmarking

Understand how your brand and competitors perform among all influencers in your market and access actionable insights to guide your strategy.

Traackr’s Budget Optimisation tools have provided our team with a comprehensive view of our influencer program spend and helped us chart exactly how those investments tie to the performance metrics we care about.
Stephan Garandet Photo
Stephan Garandet
Global Chief Digital Marketing Officer

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