The Art & Science of the Creator Experience

It’s a creator’s world and brands are just living in it.

The sooner we adapt, the sooner we can thrive. But the path to rockstar-level creator love is murky at best.

Join us for a virtual 2.5 hour conference where we’ll break down why your creator experience will drive ROI and make sure you’re ready for 2023. Join to learn:

  • Why creator loyalty is essential for maximizing ROI
  • The keys to combating creator churn (the #1 metric to fear)
  • How to design a compelling creator experience for your brand
Virtual Event
November 3, 2022
10:00 am - 12:30 pm EDT
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Meet the Speakers

Nikki DeRoest

Influencer and Makeup Artist
Alice Hampton, Founder of ACP Management

Alice Hampton

Founder of ACP Management

Tiphaine Neveu

Head of Influence, Social Media & PR, Club Med
Sarah Shaker — Head of Brand Engagement, Maybelline New York

Sarah Shaker

Head of Brand Engagement, Maybelline New York, L'Oréal

Kat Stickler

Influencer and Comedian
Lauren Thermos, Director of Global Integrated Marketing at e.l.f. Beauty

Lauren Thermos

Senior Director, Global & US Integrated Marketing, e.l.f. Beauty
Nicolas Chabot, Chief Client Officer at Traackr

Nicolas Chabot

Chief Customer Officer, Traackr
Claudia Leitch, Influencer Marketing and Data Consultant at Traackr

Claudia Leitch

Influencer Marketing and Data Consultant, Traackr
Evy Lyons, CMO of Traackr

Evy Lyons

CMO, Traackr


November 3, 2022
Come for the strategy, stay for the hot takes.
You’re guaranteed to make at least one new friend.

Welcome 5 min
A Brand’s Superpower 30 min
Why Creator Relations Matter & How to Avoid Influencer Churn
The Next Frontier 25 min
Gaining Confidence to Explore Marketing in the Metaverse
Creator Perspective 45 min
Our Favorite Brands To Work With and What Makes Them Great
Brand Perspective 45 min
Building Great Creator Relations and Experiences

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