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With Traackr you can

Ecommerce Integration

Embed Traackr’s code snippet on any ecommerce site.

Tracking Links

Create, assign, and share tracking links with your influencers.

Attribution Modeling

Define the attribution model and commission structure.

Conversion Tracking

Track the clicks, conversions, and sales influencers generate.

Commission Payments

Calculate commissions and send payments to your influencers.

Social commerce --- Ecommerce Integration
Social commerce --- Tracking Links
Social commerce --- Attribution Modeling
Social commerce --- Conversion Tracking
Social commerce --- Commission Payments
Influencer Discovery

Search the largest global influencer data set by influencer content, attributes, and audience criteria to surface the best potential partners.

Campaign Management

Simplify your entire workflow for all types of influencer campaigns and connect your efforts to results with comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Budget Optimization

Track spend, analyze performance, and optimize your ROI by investing in the right strategies.

Social Commerce

See the direct impact of your influencer campaigns by tracking conversions, recording sales, and paying commissions all from Traackr.

Market Benchmarking

Understand how your brand and competitors perform among all influencers in your market and access actionable insights to guide your strategy.

Influencer Discovery
Campaign Management
Budget Optimization
Social Commerce
Market Benchmarking
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