Protect your brand’s reputation & fight influencer fraud

Practice safe influencer marketing by avoiding fraudulent influencers and screening influencers for alignment with your brand values. Our brand safety toolset makes it easy to assess audience quality, monitor for unsafe brand terms and approve influencers for your teams.

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Minimize influencer risks & ensure brand alignment

Brand values match

Search an influencer’s entire content history to surface all potentially controversial or sensitive topics for your brand. Ensure the influencer’s personal values match those of your brand to minimize future risks.

Content tolerance levels

Establish your own tolerance thresholds for topics being discussed, and get notified if an influencer exceeds your levels.

Approve influencers

Once you’ve vetted an influencer, approve or decline whether they’re aligned with your brand for visibility across all your team.

Audience quality & fake follower analysis

Fight fraud by understanding the overall quality of an influencer’s audience, analyzing followers and likers, as well as post comments’ authenticity.

How Data is Transforming Influencer Strategies at Global Brands

Until IMB, organizations couldn't truly know the full impact of their influencer marketing initiatives. Learn why we created a market-level influencer marketing benchmark solution.

What our customers say

“As we evolve our marketing strategies and scale our influencer programs, Traackr’s Audience Insights ensures we are reaching the right end consumers with the right profile.”

Philip Markman

CMO, L'Oréal Germany

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