L’Oréal + Traackr

Traackr is L’Oréal’s globally approved influencer marketing solution. More than 50 L’Oréal brands use Traackr to power and scale influencer marketing strategies in the US and Europe. For more information about getting started, contact the L’Oréal Account Team at Traackr.

“As we evolve our marketing strategies and scale our influencer programs, Traackr’s Audience Insights ensures we are reaching the right end consumers with the right profile.”  
- Philip Markman, CMO, L'Oréal Germany

Everything You Need for Flawless Influencer Marketing

Demonstrate the success of influencer marketing programs

Get powerful influencer analytics to confidently measure ROI, track competition and uncover insights for continued growth.

Scale influencer marketing with one system-of-record

Standardize influencer marketing and gain efficiencies with one central database, common workflows, data-driven influencer vetting and a framework for consistent measurement.

Increase your brand's share of voice across all social channels

Access the largest network-agnostic database for influencer discovery and content monitoring and prioritize influencers based on their impact and audience insights.