Influencer Relationship Management for Beauty

Traackr enables you to confidently invest in your influencer programs by providing transparent influencer insights, a central influencer database, data-driven discovery and workflow management tools.

“As we evolve our marketing strategies and scale our influencer programs, Traackr’s Audience Insights ensures we are reaching the right end consumers with the right profile.”  
- Philip Markman, CMO, L'Oréal Germany

Powering influencer marketing for 50+ adored brands.

Optimize, Coordinate & Scale Your Influencer Programs

Transparent Metrics to Measure Your Program

Access powerful influencer analytics to confidently measure ROI, track competition and uncover insights for continued growth. Track influencer performance and brand impact with KPI including mentions, engagements, engagement rate, video views and more.

Streamline Your Team’s Influencer Marketing Workflow

Manage your influencers in one system-of-record, like Salesforce for influencer marketers! Coordinate outreach with your partners and collaborate across teams so you never miss an opportunity to engage, remember birthdays or send them the right products. Watch how task management works.

Stay Ahead of the Compliance Curve

Keep your legal teams happy by actively monitoring influencer content across all social networks for disclosure requirements, track influencer communications in one place and conduct historical content reviews to ensure the influencers you select are aligned with your brand values.