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Traackr Now Enables You To Buy Love From Influencers (April Fools!)

Tatiana Beale
April 1, 2016
*We had some fun with this April Fools' joke this year. If you have yet to experience the entertainment that is our friend "Vinny," then make sure to listen in below. For anyone else that encounters someone pitching Influencer Marketing as being an effortless transaction where you buy an influencer's advocacy, even if they are not pitching you on April First, they are still playing a joke on you. Want to learn how to do Influencer Marketing the right way? Enroll in the Academy of Influencer Marketing. Ready to leave meaningless transactions behind and get started? Talk to us

Traackr, the leading platform for Influencer Management, announced today a major development in its capability with the release of its Marketplace for Influencer Love*.

In the words of its CEO, Pierre-Loïc Assayag, “Paid-for-Love is where the game is being played and it was time for Traackr to leverage our unparalleled technology and expand our capability in the love automation category, and continues, "our goal is to become Tinder for Influence”.

By expanding into the pay-for-love influence market, Traackr greatly expands opportunities for its customers to automate the relationship between a brand and its influencers. As explained by a Traackr user, “I can’t wait for Traackr’s marketplace to become available! We’ve experienced great success with the platform so far and developing organic relationships with key influencers but the idea that our brand could buy an influencer's love at the push of a button is very compelling”, and continues, “after wasting so much money with Klout and other opt-in networks in the past, we’re thrilled to see a credible player like Traackr enter the pay-for-love influence marketplace.”

Unlike so many other opaque opt-in players in the category, Traackr’s marketplace will be transparent and true to market dynamics, letting brands and influencers transact directly on the platform.

Influencer list on Traackr platform (April Fools)

Traackr’s CTO and co-founder, David Chancogne, proudly speaks to the achievements of his engineering team: “not only will brands and influencers be able to process payments on the platform but Traackr will provide dynamic pricing to purchase influencers' love. Our data scientists developed a complex set of proprietary algorithms to set the price for love based on the potential influence carried by the influencer and the mediocrity index of the brand.”

Dynamic Influence Pricing Model (April Fools)

As with every major product release performed by Traackr, the company first tested it on its own marketing team. In a matter of seconds using the new platform, Tatiana Beale, head of content for Traackr, was able to buy influencer love and promote Traackr. The results speak for themselves.

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