Influencer Marketing for Travel & Hospitality

Traackr is an end-to-end influencer marketing platform. Our technology powers global influencer discovery and evaluation, program management and performance measurement for paid and organic campaigns.

"We chose Traackr to be the backbone of our influencer program because of its product completeness, unparalleled depth of data and global presence"
- Santiago Garcia Solimei, Global Director of Social Media at MHI

Powering influencer marketing for the world's most adored brands

Optimize, Coordinate and Scale Your Influencer Marketing Programs with Traackr

Select The Right Influencers For Every Campaign

Traackr enables global influencer discovery in 18 languages across various social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and more. Vet influencers for brand fit and safety based on deep historical content analysis, influencer attributes and audience criteria.

Streamline Your Influencer Marketing Workflow

Empower collaboration between regions, brands and departments with one centralized system-of-record for influencer management. Traackr removes the headache of manual influencer marketing so you can build better relationships with your influencers.

Transparent Metrics to Measure Your Program

Traackr provides unparalleled access to global data enabling performance measurement at the market, program and campaign levels including competitive benchmarking and influencer performance insights.